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Auto Parts Denver is a very competitive business with many options available to the buyer.

Car owners are always interested in saving money just like anyone else but when it comes to someone’s car they are always torn between getting the best and most reliable part to ensure their safety and peace of mind….and cutting costs.

Ask any car owner about their experience with fixing their car and it won’t be long before you hear some horror story about how their repair wasn’t done properly. Used parts should be approached with caution.

Check for Cracks

Cracks can be big and easily visible, or they can be very small and hard to see. When buying refurbished car parts, you should bring a magnifying glass with you so you can check as thoroughly as possible for cracks. If buying a used engine block or head(s), ask that the part be processed. This is a fine particulate powder that will stick in any cracks in the part. Be sure to watch this process to be sure the technician isn’t washing the part after processed. Radiators and blocks should also be pressure tested to be sure there are no cracks.

Stripped Threads

This may not seems like much of a problem. But if the component is under a great deal of stress while operating, stripped threads can be a big deal on something like a piston connecting rod. Rethreading this part will weaken the stud, making failure more likely. If you find stripped threads on a stud, you can sometimes remove and replace the stud, but not always. At best, stripped threads can cost you lost time while you either replace the stud or rethread it.

One of the things that create problems with car owners is when they buy a used part that isn’t in good condition…as always, do your homework…though you can find quality used parts you should ask yourself:

Am I buying something used because I can’t find it new?

Am I buying it used to save money?

An informed buyer always has an advantage but it is no guarantee that you will always get the right part at the right time.

Auto Parts Denver Warranty

Usually, a certain refurbished parts cost doesn’t include a warranty in case of failure. Unless you specifically pay for a warranty with the part you buy, if it fails after installation, you’ll have to pay for another replacement. Warranties won’t cost much, but the supplier is more than likely not going to mention it to you. It’s in his/her best interest to have you buy another part if one fails.

Pricing and availability are common complaints of people that are buying auto parts…calling places on the phone, going all the way down there only to find out it was not what they were told…Auto parts can be purchased from so many places both online and at local stores that when you get the wrong part or need to exchange it you should always keep your paperwork and receipts.
In the old days before so many people had cars… manufacturers thought it was a good idea to set the price on auto parts so they can return a profit by making the parts have a relatively short lifespan....this was called planned “planned obsolescence” When something is obsolete it means it is out of date.

Auto Parts in Denver can be a very straightforward deal…get as much information as you can about your car’s make and model and shop around.

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