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Breakfast in Denver is a Celebration

I always take it for granted until I go to another city and suffer through another average meal…I am tired of going to chain restaurants and having the limited selection…and the odd combination of things that I can’t substitute…and the small portions.

So..I am grateful for downtown Denver restaurants!

They have independent owners..with real they serve in a diner or a “dining experience”

The franchises that are national are all over Denver…

Sometimes I eat at those places..they are brightly lit…poorly organized and seem to take much longer than they should.

Staffing seems to be too many or too few…why is it so hard for servers to refill coffee at breakfast?

Are they really that busy that they cannot anticipate somebody drinking coffee out of an 8 ounce cup..may finish that in 5 or 10 minutes?

 Breakfast in Denver, breakfast denver, breakfast denver co,best restaurants in denver Also…while I am ranting…why can’t I get an omelet..something breakfast in Denver is famous for..(well at least they are for the Denver Omelet) made with the stuff that I want in it?

I know what flavors I like…and I don’t want melted cheese on the outside of my omelet..I want it inside…to go with the egg…otherwise I have a dry chewy egg with ingredients that don’t stay together..disgusting..

But..downtown Denver restaurants know that Denver folks are fussy about breakfast so they give us what we want…greasy hash browns are popular with some..I like them..but you can also get healthy stuff I will throw out some ideas..

Racines/ Zaidy’s/Dozens/Eggshell/Toast/Annie’s…..

I will identify the locations a little later..but what these places have in common are people..lots of them. .crowded.. standing on the sidewalk waiting for the table might be the last thing you want to do as you are trying to get something to eat..

It is somewhat fashionable to go to the places mentioned above…the food is uniformly good..and trust me…there are some places in Denver that get crowds of people when the food is not the main attraction..but the breakfast places above deliver good..sometimes great food.

If you like eggs hollandaise or southwestern omelets…or whatever ..these places will deliver a flawless version of anything on the menu..and you will be treated well.

 Breakfast in Denver, breakfast denver, breakfast denver co,best restaurants in denver Me?

I like those places but I also have a weakness for basic diner food..and breakfast is serious business with me..I want a good portion and I want to avoid waiting too long.

Here are some trustworthy wouldn’t take your mother to these places because she would feel over dressed but she would likely agree that the food is good.

Best Breakfast in Denver may be
Sam’s/Breakfast King/Gyro’s Place/Pete’s Kitchen/Rosie’s Diner Okay..first I need to qualify Rosie’s…lots of downtown Denver restaurants have good food..some have an interesting atmosphere… but this is one of the few times I will mention a place that is in Aurora rather than Denver..because so many people from downtown will make the trip out there to take in the atmosphere…like the 1950’s …when life was simple and people did not try to be trendy and cool..they were comfortable..that’s what Rosie’s symbolizes to many people..

Breakfast King is a 24 hour place with a diner type menu and clearly..ahem..diner type furniture..last time I went they had bright orange vinyl booths…But if you wanted home cooking it is very good..not fancy..but good.

Gyro’s Place and Pete’s Kitchen are diners with a Greek menu most of the day but they do a brisk business for breakfast in Denver .. there is a reason for that..because either one (same owner) is guarantee to give you great food with attentive and friendly matter how busy they are!

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