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The great thing about living in Denver is that you can find so many things to do around town that you kind of forget about TV after a while.

I like to know what is new in Denver and several times a day I will look various news sources to determine if news, traffic or weather is noteworthy. In Denver it is very important to get an understanding of weather because if you are caught unprepared you can turn an otherwise good day into a nightmare!


 Channel 9 News Denver,channel 9 news,9 news denver weatherEven though I have lived in Denver a very long time…and have a decent understanding about trends and patterns of Denver weather…I may have studied a little meteorology in college but I am no better or worse than anyone else when it comes to predicting the weather. I can’t tell you how many times I left the house convinced I was prepared with the right clothes only to be caught with a tee shirt during a light snowstorm.

It happens…which is why I now add the Channel 9 News Denver application to my Android Smart Phone. It gives me a handle on the various things that can affect my day…not the least of which is weather!

Of course...I like breaking news features too because you never know when something serious might be occurring. One example of this might be the 3 times my street was closed off due to a police investigation!

Seriously…even though my neighborhood is no better or worse than any other it was the scene of some bizarre crime wave awhile back and I was grateful to have some advanced warning before walking into a potentially dangerous situation. The first time it was a shooting that took place in the building next to mine and the other times it was a house at the end of the street where the occupants where basically criminals that didn’t hide their activity and kept getting caught LOL.

Well…perhaps it doesn’t seem funny…but you had to know these guys...they were pretty cartoonish.

 Channel 9 News Denver,channel 9 news,9 news denver weather Channel 9 News Denver is not the only way I get my news but I like their app and it is a clean and easy to use way for me to check in periodically on what is new.

Denver has a very active sports scene and with multiple professional sports teams like the Broncos, Nuggets, Rockies and Avalanche it seems like there is always a story or a score that I want to know more about.

As far as hard news reporting…well I don’t know if Channel 9 News in Denver is the very best or most accurate…I am not really going to follow every single thing that is happening across the city…if I have a general idea about the breaking news stories and the weather then I am satisfied…I don’t need a police scanner to hold my interest LOL.

Channel 9 News in Denver does a good job for what I need and over the years I have found them to be pretty consistent.

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