City Passes in Denver

City passes in Denver are very important for a couple of reasons…it reduces pollution when people take mass transportation and it helps you save money by not worrying about car payments, insurance and gas.

If you live in Denver or are just visiting you will find many ways of getting around by bus or light rail which is a high speed train.

The name of the company that does the bus and light rail system is the Regional Transportation District…pretty clever huh?

If there was a name like Regional Food District I probably wouldn’t feel like using them to get around…

Okay…no more messing around…here is the scoop.

Buy a pass online, at an RTD office or go to the supermarket service counter (at King Soopers) and decide how much you want to spend and where you want to go.

There are zones and Express routes that are some of the things you may want to keep in mind…

City passes in Denver may have discounts too..
Express or Local Discount
These tickets are for seniors 65+, individuals with disabilities, Medicare recipients and students in elementary, middle and high school, ages 6-19. You must provide proof of eligibility when boarding.

For seniors or individuals with disabilities, a Special Discount Card may be obtained by calling 303.299.2667. This ticket is valid for one-way travel on all Local/Limited and Express bus routes, call-n-Ride and for travel in three adjacent light rail zones.

City passes in Denver are convenient.

Zones are a little more difficult to explain…Boulder is not a Local route but an Express route . Then there are Regional lines…Sky Ride is the bus to the airport.

Areas close to downtown Denver are in the AB zone…but go further south and it is CD zone…I don’t want to be too technical…you can call RTD if you want to be super careful.

Passes are available in a number of different ways..

Monthly pass
Use your monthly pass on the bus, light rail, and call-n-Ride. Choose Local, Express, or Regional. Each pass has regular and discounted prices.

10 Day pass
10Ride ticketbooks save you money by offering a discount for buying 10 rides at a time. These ticketbooks contain (10) one-way trip coupons and are fed into the fare box at boarding. They are sold by the type of service to be used - Local/Limited, Express or Regional.

5 Day pass
The FiveDay Pass provides unlimited rides for five consecutive days on Local, Express, and Regional bus and light rail service, and call-n-Ride. This pass has a cash value of $5.00 for credit on cash paid in the farebox for higher priced services including SkyRide to and from Denver International Airport.

DayPasses are valid for unlimited trips in a single day on most RTD services. Local, Express, and Regional DayPasses are available.pass
The light rail is a great way to travel but please remember to have your proof of paid fare with you otherwise you can get a ticket!

Bus passes can be used for either bus or light rail.
Have fun!

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