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The requirements may vary slightly from school to school but there are some definite things to be prepared for….the dreaded LSAT!

That stands for Law School Admission Test.

Every student knows that the life of a student is filled with tests…you take a test to get accepted into a school…you take more when you arrive….it never ends.

When I finished high school I had to admit...I never wanted to take another test again!

Then they told me I had to take the SAT test or the Accuplacer Test…

When I graduated from college I thought I was done for good…I received my degree so no problem right?

But…to go to graduate school I had to take the GRE entrance exam. The Graduate Record Exam or GRE…

Let’s go back to the LSAT…

Four times a year they give the test, normally at a college campus…a perfect score is 180 points and the bottom score is 120. There are 4 sections:

 College of Law Admissions,law school programs,law school admissions,law degree  Logical Reasoning
Analytical Reasoning
Reading Comprehension,
and an essay.

The general guidelines are that you must be focused on doing your best and only take it one time because many schools will combine your scores and average them…so for example…let’s say you score 150 and you are not happy so you retake it and get 170…well you would expect the best score is what the school wants…right?

Well, how would you feel if they did this?:

150+170=320….average is 160!

Be careful….

Many students take preparation classes that drill them on how to successfully score highly.

You have a few places to choose from if you want to take “prep” classes…that is your choice….but besides the test itself you must register with a service that acts as a document service:

Law School Data Assembly

Every time you apply to a law school the LSDA takes all your documents and sends a packet to them….so you pay a new fee every time.

Let’s review some of the costs so far:

It costs $132 to take the LSAT and receive one free score report.
The Law School Data Assembly Service (LSDAS) is required for application for most law schools.

This subscription costs $121 and includes one free score report. Additional score reports cost $12.

So…now that you have your documents started don’t forget about the essays!

If all law schools cared about was test scores and Grade Point Average it would be easy…but there is more work to do!

College of Law Admissions place a lot of importance on the student’s character and leadership qualities…think of it this way…

If you advertise for a roommate you would ask a lot of questions…like:

    Will you be respectful of me and my guests?
    Will you offer to help if there is a need?
    Will you pay your bills on time?
    Okay…you see my point..

College of Law Admissions want a good neighbor, not just a good student...they want someone who can influence people in a good way!

Prepare your essay as you would a sales presentation because they want good people that can contribute to the greater good!

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