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In Denver we have a very competitive marketplace that means it pays to do your research no matter what you are buying.

They say 70% of the people that use coupons are women and that they are going to buy more services than products…if that is true I would think very carefully how I spend my advertising dollar.

Coupons in Denver are available in a couple of different ways and people are so used to holding piece of paper and proving they have a coupon that it may take a while before everyone enters a promotional code on a website to get their discount.

The main source for a lot of people in our newspaper The Denver Post….the food advertisements in the Wednesday paper and the main supply of coupons in the Sunday paper.

Now they have the Denver Daily Deals website where you can sign up and do everything over the internet…Coupons in Denver seem to be going in the direction of websites…even if the consumer doesn’t really want it that way.

Other sites like My Denver Deals, The Deal Map and Living Social all provide access to great deals but I am old fashioned…unless I see something official looking from the company I want to business with…I am too lazy to start looking for a lot of websites.

If someone I know has tried it before then I will sign up and get my discount…otherwise I will not be too interested.

That’s when I am looking for a product or service…when it comes to an event, that’s a different story because then I don’t worry about already receiving the product or service…only to find out when I get to the cash register that there was some kind of misunderstand!

So if I am going to a movie or tour that requires me to pay up front I am much more at ease.

For those kinds of Denver coupons I can use Denver.org, Denver Kids, and some others like Discover Colorado.com

Someone told me Deal Chicken was good…my friend is normally right about things but I haven’t tried it…I don’t eat enough chicken to warrant getting huge discounts I said…but he said it was just a website to sign up and get Denver coupon deals LOL.

I guess the main coupons I use are for the grocery store and since I shop at a few different ones I look for regular deals first before looking for things to buy that require a coupon. One store I really like is King Soopers but I never use paper coupons there because they have a card you scan in order to get your discount.

You go to the cashier and either hand them your small card on your keychain so they can scan it or you can do it the old fashioned way, use a card and swipe it in the machine and almost instantly you can see one the screen the discount subtracted from each line item.

Denver coupons are easy to get and becoming easier to use!

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