Denver Art Scene

Denver art has a very active and interesting scene that has grown considerably over the years.

Before I tell you a little about the different museums I want to discuss the variety of ways to see local artists and mention a few galleries.

When I was younger I used to wonder why Denver didn’t have more art to see but not only was that a while ago LOL, it has really become a big city art scene thank to the huge improvement in the number of places to see art.

 Denver Art ,denver performing arts,denver museum of art,art museum denver  The first Denver art gallery I ever saw was the Pirate Art Gallery on the west side which is still there today at 3655 Navajo Street. This place has wonderful stuff but it is edgy and with a sense of humor…my mother likes art but I wouldn’t take her there. I suggest it though because you feel like you know something about the artist after seeing their art…which is not always the case for me.

Everybody in Denver that knows anything at all about art knows about the Santa Fe Art District…I’ll touch on that later…

 Denver Art ,denver performing arts,denver museum of art,art museum denver  Let’s go downtown where we can find Robinson Gallery on 1740 Wazee Street and this is probably Denver’s most progressive gallery.

Next we can go to River North Arts District near 5 points and stop in and see what’s happening at Plus Gallery on 25th and Welton Street….before you even go inside you will know from the shape of the building that something artistic must be inside LOL.

Now for a little bit if an overview on where else to go…one of the best things to do in Denver for the art lover is to find a district with a lot of galleries and plan on walking around to each and every one of them.

The Golden Triangle is one area…located along Speer Boulevard near Cherokee and Delaware Streets you will find a lot to do.

Going up to South Broadway at around 1st Avenue and going south to Alameda you will find a lot also.

How about things to do in Denver that are great fun for the art lover and not expensive?

First Friday is a way to see a lot of art…here are some of the areas:

Tennyson Street between 38th and 44th Avenues

South Pearl Street between 1200 and 1800 South Blocks

Navajo Street from 35th Avenue to 37th Avenue

Santa Fe is the main art district with over 40 galleries along Santa Fe Drive from 12th Avenue to Alameda Avenue. This is the largest art district in Colorado not just Denver.
Now about the museums:

Denver Art Museum at 13th Avenue and Broadway

This is a terrific facility with plenty of tours and exhibits so you will always have fresh content every week or every month.

The staff is cordial and knowledgeable and this is about the art not about attitude and stuffiness. The first Saturday of the month is free.

Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) 1485 Delgany Street

Nice place with some exhibits that are thought provoking.

Clyfford Still Museum 13th Avenue and Bannock Street

This is about abstract expressionist art.

I think there are lots of things to do in Denver for the art lover!

What to do in Denver

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