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Denver Backpage is an online resource better known as and was started by New Times Media (renamed Village Voice Media), the publisher of numerous alternative weekly newspapers. In Denver readers receive “Westword” as the local edition.

In addition to the internationally famous Village Voice newspaper, numerous cities across the country have a Village Voice Media alternative weekly with a focus on local issues:

City Pages, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Dallas Observer, Dallas, Texas
Houston Press, Houston, Texas
LA Weekly, Los Angeles, California
Miami New Times, Miami, Florida
New Times Broward-Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
OC Weekly, Costa Mesa, California
Phoenix New Times, Phoenix, Arizona
Riverfront Times, St. Louis, Missouri
Seattle Weekly, Seattle, Washington
SF Weekly, San Francisco, California
Westword, Denver, Colorado

Backpage Denver is an online classified advertising site that in many ways resembles Craig’s List but with some substantial differences.

On Craig’s List you can find an apartment, a car or a roommate…and other things of course…relationships, friendships and all different types of people.

So why isn’t that enough?

What makes Denver Backpage necessary?

The answer appears to be that there is a sharp focus on the people part…specifically the “adult” section.

Backpage has been in the news at times in an favorable light due to the adult services section landing people in trouble. Some adult services tread the line between legal and illegal…so, perhaps someone using Denver Backpage should enter cautiously into the various products and services offered.

What do people like about it?

The enhanced features that make it easy to post in multiple cities as well as 80 categories that are very specific and help the reader identify what they want quickly instead of going through multiple categories that are vaque.

Other features include the ability to post links to other websites and generous space to have lengthy descriptions.

Getting back to the reputation and why Backpage was in the news…it was thought to have few strict guidelines in what you could post and several news outlets including the New York Times implied that escort services that were advertised were actually a front for illegal adult services with allegedly underage people. A public outcry called for tighter restrictions and insisted those that posted have proof of identification and age.

The furor was eventually reduced and people came to see as an online advertising tool that caters to many different types of customers advertising many different things.

Denver Backpage is useful when I want to search for products and services that might be statewide or nationwide…I can enjoy the ease of use with the clean categories that help me focus on getting information instead of a long and boring journey of items that are not what I’m looking for.

I usually know what I want and I know I usually want it quickly with information that is timely…Denver Backpage does a better job than most with having extrememly up to date information. I like that…because it can be very frustrating when I am looking for something and I end up getting a lot of stale and old information.

Denver Backpage is worth giving a try.

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