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In Denver it is impossible to forget all the catchy jingle songs we grew up with on television and nothing is more memorable than car commercials.

That is important because if you are buying a car you may want to go to several different Denver car dealerships … and it may be easier to remember the commercial than an advertisement in the newspaper.

There are a lot of memorable characters…

Dealin Doug
Rocky’s Auto
Big Mike Naughton
The list goes on…but I think every city has funny car commercials…but Denver just seemed to have so many of them! Okay…that’s the tv commercials but what about the Denver car dealerships themselves?

 Denver Car Dealerships Well people in Denver like to buy from people they trust and not necessarily people that make them laugh….but on the other hand…with so many places competing for the dollar I guess you can’t blame them for acting silly if they think it will help you remember them when it’s time to buy a car!

One of the reasons John Elway was so successful with his car dealerships was because people in Denver knew him for many years…and their memories were normally very happy…so if they associated his name with happiness they also trusted him.

Denver car dealerships are normally grouped together so if you see one you probably see 5 in a row…or on Broadway or Arapahoe Road you might see quite a bit more grouped together.

Another option is to lease a car…which some Denver car dealerships do…

I have a story about the right way to do business and the wrong way…and how buying a car can be very stressful.

A couple of years ago I was helping somebody make a phone call to get the title of their car from their dealer….it was for my neighbor who spoke a little English but was new to Denver…and new to America.

He was in the market for a car when he and his wife were at the store…Wal Mart…they were speaking Chinese to each other when someone overheard their conversation and said “Hey, I’m Chinese too, we should always try to help each other…here is a friend of mine’s business card”

Later the next day they went to the lot after calling the man’s friend in the car business.

The man at the lot did not speak Chinese and most of the time they just looked at cars and didn’t talk…when they found one they like they called the man they met at Wal Mart who translated…and they bought a car.

They paid in cash…about $8000 and they were thrilled because they thought they got a great deal…

About 45 days later my neighbor asked me to call the man and ask where the title was…I called and the man offered a number of excuses…office equipment not working, address was written down wrong..etc…

I went to the Department of Motor Vehicles and did a lost title search…and it turned out the place that sold the car did not own the car....they leased it and then sold it…after getting in touch with the real owner…the leasing company…the extra money was paid and my neighbor got the title…So instead of being arrested for a stolen car they explained the problem and got lucky that the leasing company understood….Always deal with a reputable car dealership and avoid fly by night places!

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