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In Denver there are so many restaurants of different ethnic types that nobody should ever be at a loss of options when it comes to Denver catering.

Many restaurants offer catering and it is very easy to find a high quality provider…but you still have to be careful.

Here is an example of something I experienced a couple of weeks ago…something that I thought was pretty simple turned out to be a disaster.

  Denver Catering  I attended a very important function…a holiday function that the many people in the community were excited about. So...a popular restaurant approached us and said they want to get into the catering business…and in exchange for providing the food for free, they want to heave a stack of menus so people would know where the food came from.

Also...they wanted to use one of our meeting rooms a few times in the next month.

The restaurant has been around for years….the food is no problem..right?


They knew how to handle crowds of people and consistently create excellent food…but they never did catering before…

It is a real skill to know how much food to provide based on an estimate of how many people will be at the event.

Also, knowing how to cook for hundreds of people and having the ability to budget your time is very different than just cooking a couple of dishes at a time. Cooks that see tickets at their window make small portions…but when a cook has to make enough for a crowd….they need to make sure they have enough ingredients and allow time for preparation.

So...back to my example…

We have our event… a 3 hour deal…afterward we have all of our VIPs sit down for lunch…and after them we have a couple of hundred people arrive to eat…

The week leading up to the event...we confirmed every detail with them numerous times…but the day of the event they panicked…instead of preparing the food ahead of time they tried to do everything on the same day…which messed up their regular lunch rush…and they delivered enough food to last…10 minutes….lines out the door waiting on line and when they got there the food was finished…

Word got out about which restaurant ruined the event…and when we learned more about what happened we sort of understood.

The Denver catering place that was originally supposed to do it was always great…reliable, great food and everyone was always happy…

But the restaurant insisted that their restaurant wanted to do a high profile event to start their new catering business…even when they were offered a fair price to cater the event...they got greedy…they said it was more important to get the exposure and that they were such a successful restaurant they didn’t need our money….but in the end they risked ruining their reputation by playing the “big shot”…and of course, when they were under pressure the first thing they said was for us not to complain about running out of food…because they were doing it for free.

Denver catering companies that have a Better Business Bureau rating and references are the way to go!

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