Find Good Denver Coffee Shops

Best Denver Coffee Shops

The thing many people in Denver forget is that the best places to drink coffee are not always the famous ones.

Sure, you can have the same coffee experience with consistency and rigid standards that guarantee you will have pretty much flawless coffee at the nationally famous places but I like an independent coffee shop.

Denver has some great ones!

The independent coffee shop is normally a little funkier and a little warmer with a friendly atmosphere….yet it is set up so you can have your privacy and study if you want.

One of the things that I always like to do in Denver coffee shops is to play chess with a friend…but I don’t like it when people watch LOL.

Stuff to do in Denver?

Well let’s go up to Washington Park and get some exercise and when we are done we can go to Stella’s Coffee Haus nearby at 1476 South Pearl Street. This place is just west of the park by about 5 or 6 blocks and it is very friendly. You can sit indoors or outdoors.

When we are done we should head toward downtown but first we will stop by Café Europa at 76 South Pennsylvania. I have been going to this place for a long time and it seems like it is more comfortable than my living room LOL.

I know….since it is daytime we should stop by St.Mark’s Coffee House at 2019 East 17th Avenue so we can fuel up for the Denver coffee house adventure…this place is great day or night but is seems to be the kind of place that has good energy any time of day.

Probably my favorite out of all the places is a little far right now so we will save that for last.

Pablo’s on 6th Avenue is right at the corner of 6th Avenue and Washington near the Governor’s Park neighborhood which is one of my favorite places…but, I have to tell you…years ago this location seems to be seemed like there was a new business 3 times a year until Pablo’s came along.

One thing to do in Denver is to find a great place to sit outside and enjoy the sun while eating or drinking coffee. If you go to The Market at 1445 Larimer Street you can do both…in style. I love the inside of that place as well since it is kind of like an old fashioned deli with the huge showcases that have prepared food. Every single thing I have ever ordered there from empanadas to dessert has been outstanding!

The atmosphere inside or outside is very comfortable but you have to be prepared for it being a little crowded!

Okay…now I am ready to unwind….

Let’s go to Paris on The Platte 1553 Platte Street which is as relaxed as I get.

It has a warm interior and you are surrounded by books and dessert and coffee and believe me the smell alone at Paris on The Platte is not the best thing to do in Denver…hanging out and drinking their coffee is!

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