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Is there anything more fun than eating Korean Barbeque?

If there is I don’t want to know because my clothes won’t fit!

Seriously, there is something about the flavor that makes me crazy….and I don’t eat it ever week or every month because when I do it is easy for me to overdo it.

What I like about it is the process where you cook it at the table and you constantly have to stir it or flip it over…luckily you have a server that will get you started so you can pay attention to what they are doing and then follow their lead.

I like beef and that is the only thing I ever get besides vegetables and I love whatever spices they use…and the onion. The onion is under appreciated in most cultures despite the fact that people use so much of them in their cooking…I’ll explain: In some Denver Colorado restaurants they use them in combination with garlic and they fry it until there is nothing but a bitter taste left.

In other restaurants they barely cook them and you end up with a crunchy yet tart taste.

But…finally somebody knows how to use an onion…it is a thick slab that sits in the center of the grill and serves as a platform for the cooked meat or vegetable to rest on.

You will have to make sure the onion doesn’t burn but you will rescue your beef from getting too cooked and chewy.

Okay…enough about the onion LOL.

Here are a few places to try and believe it or not they are all kind of east of Denver.

Denver Colorado restaurants are pretty much spread out everywhere and after you have been in Denver awhile you will get the hang of it.

Here is a little shortcut in deciding where to go for Korean BBQ at Denver Colorado restaurants …

Central Denver-mostly the best way to get a lot of variety in a small area..everything is somewhat nearby and you have the best selection and you don’t have to spend a ton of money if you are willing to do your homework. Uoki 701 E. 6th Ave

South Denver-you will find that the area is so spread out you have to know where you are going otherwise you can spend a lot of time looking for a place and never find it. Basically you will find upscale places and after work type places but I have no idea if there are Korean places out there or not!

East- the highest concentration of Korean Restaurants and if you only stay on Havan you will find plenty of great ones.

Korea House 10293 E.Iliff Ave, Seoul BBQ 2080 S. Havana, Han Kang 1910 S. Havana

North-you may have to use the highway to get there but you will find good places.

Q Table BBQ Buffet 311 W.104th Avenue

West- there is not really a lot to choose from. Kaya Korean BBQ 7570 Sheridan

All of these places are quite good and now that Denver has such a great variety

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