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Denver Colorado weather is notorious for being changeable and it can also be quite frustrating when trying to prepare for it.

How do you dress?

Well…almost anytime of year is going to have extremes so it is best to dress in layers…what that means is to be prepared to add or remove a light sweatshirt or jacket.

Picture a day that starts out with a 30 degree morning with overcast skies…it would be normal to wear heavier clothes or perhaps a sweater…until you notice that by mid afternoon it is in the mid 60’s!

The reason why you see people wearing layers all the time is because they need them!

Here are a couple of fun weather facts to help you understand how crazy Denver Colorado weather can be:

If you want to fry an egg on the sidewalk wait until it is 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

 Denver Colorado weather ,colorado denver weather,weather denver co If you want to make your own experiment and watch water freeze in mid air…take boiled water and throw it when the temperature is 22 degrees below zero.

Of course you may not want to go outside when it is that cold….
Denver Colorado weather is a great place to observe extremes…whether it is fog or hail or seeing snow on the ground when it is 60 degrees outside…well, it happens on occasion but the snow disappears rather quickly.

By the way…in America we use the Fahrenheit temperature to measure but most of the world uses celsius. Did you ever wonder if you could figure it out without a formula?

Here is a little trick:

Zero degrees Celsius is the temperature that water freezes..or 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

37 degrees Celsius is the body temperature of most of us..98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

When I travel overseas and the only thermometers I see are in Celsius I try to remember that little trick to gauge the temperature.

Do you know much about Denver Colorado weather?

April through September is hail season!

People are amazed the first time they see it because it looks like golf balls falling from the sky and after a few minutes it looks like it is snowing in the summertime!

It is very difficult to see while driving and it causes a lot of damage to cars and property.

 Strength and weakness interview I have walked outside during a hailstorm and was in it up to my ankles and could not see my hand in front of my face!

I came home with a headache and bruises…and a little wiser about trying to go out exploring in the future…avoid it if you can.

Weather is more than hot and cold…or rain and snow…it is the climate we should be concerned about.

A little shortcut to understanding Denver and the seasons. It will rarely be humid and for the winter months your skin will get extremely dry and crack unless you use a powerful cream..try Eucerin for extremely dry skin. Get used to chapstick too.

In the spring and summer months it is also very dry..rain will happen occasionally but what happens to many newcomers is the lack of humidity can be dangerous!

They think if they are not sweating they must not be in danger…it is one thing to get out of the hot sun and seek shade…but what about when you hit weeks of hot weather and start building up a tolerance…don’t be fooled…you can get dehydrated..a serious medical condition if left unchecked for too long.

Drinking water is fine but not powerful enough to reverse the problem…watch your electrolytes and you will be fine.

Learn to bring extra clothes in your car or backpack for the unpredictable and crazy weather here!

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