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The art of flower arranging is not dying and those that think you can just go to your neighborhood food store and buy a quick bouquet are missing the point.

Picture how funny it would be to go to a wedding and find a mound of bouquets piled up on top of one another all looking exactly the same…all with $7.99 price stickers on them!

It would never happen…and even those without a trained eye can appreciate the beauty when something is given a personal touch.

True, there might not be as many Denver florists as there used to be but there are many contributing factors…the economy might be one, the difficulty in rotating inventory and providing fresh flowers might be another….

I knew several Denver florists very well over the years and they fall into 2 categories…

The first category is the florist that views flowers as necessary ingredients that must be arranged…these florists are artists…they buy the best quality and they know how to care for them….and they don’t sell on price.

The other category is the florist that entered the market because they thought it would be profitable. They are overly concerned with marketing and don’t seem to understand that flowers are not like auto parts…you cannot market your product based on price because if you do…you may get a new customer when you have a sale…but you will also lose the customer to another merchant’s sale…And your customer’s won’t see you as adding value…and why not just go to the floral department at your food store?

Denver florists that cultivate a relationship enjoy loyalty and they get customers that may last a lifetime….holidays, special occasions, events, etc….those special times when people take pictures and the people seeing the photographs remark on how great the flowers look….that is why florists do what they do….

The other end of the spectrum is when people go into the flower business without any experience at all and expect to make a killing based on their perceived sales ability.

These people hit the ground running and gain a bunch of trial orders with area hotels and restaurants…and then they eventually discover that maintaining these customers is a lot of work for very little profit...and instead of raising their prices they lower their quality…I’ve seen this trend happen more than a few times.

Denver florists are skilled artists that understand that people like flowers for their home and many other times…they don’t just buy for a wedding or a funeral and Valentine’s Day…when you treat your customer right you will end up deepening the relationship and the customer will magically find money to buy flowers more often!

Denver florists buy from a number of different Denver wholesalers but some will buy online sight unseen hoping the great price makes up for the risk of buying stock you can’t see. I also have seen florists buy from South America and Mexico…hoping they get quality flowers at a fair price…but they know deep down that flowers that end up in someone’s home or business are a reflection of the florist…the customer will rarely understand the excuses that come when there is a problem.

Denver florists that are proud of the work they do will welcome your visit and will let you walk into their cooler but if you insist on shopping by phone you will almost always get what you paid for.

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