Denver Gear for Outdoors

There are so many reasons why people need Denver gear for outdoors and whether you are a skier or someone that wants to look halfway decent during the winter you need to know where to go.

First of all, we will not be discussing the catalogue places like Cabela’s or LL Bean…some might say those are the standard for outdoor gear but seriously…we are talking about Denver and places to buy stuff in Denver…I want you to be able to get in your car or get on your bike and see and touch the stuff you want to buy.

Denver gear for outdoors is your guide to looking good and feeling good during the seriously unpredictable weather in our city.

I want you to close your eyes and picture the Michelin Man…picture snowy weather and now open your eyes….

Look around on any snowy day….How many thousands of people do you see dressed in overblown down jackets that are so puffed up they can’t even put their arms down at their side?


You can look better than that….you no longer wear your fanny pack..why would you wear a down jacket your own parents wouldn’t wear?

Don’t understand?

1990 called and they want their clothes back…

Denver gear for outdoors is important…put away your vests and your velour and get something new.

Okay…here is the point…you want to be warm and you know you need to predict that weather changes rapidly. How many times have you left the house bundled head to toe in the morning only to find that by the afternoon you end up carry everything because you are too hot….and how many times do you end up dropping half of that stuff on the floor?

We have all been there…so it is time to wise up and dress right.

Wear layers…be careful of too much sun and too much wind…wear gloves that allow you to move your fingers.

Here are some places that are practical and if you are a little creative you can save a ton and piece together some stuff that looks good.

Army Navy Surplus 3524 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113
Why start off with that one?

Well…because I know this town and I know if I want to get basic protection from the weather I need stuff that will last forever and hold up during any weather. If I want to get fashionable stuff there are places for that but I need socks and gloves that work more than I need someone to compliment me on the colors I’m wearing. However, if you look carefully you can find stuff (it is a little bit of a chore rifling through their stuff) that looks good.

For women’s wear try Outdoor Divas in Cherry Creek 2717 East 3rd Avenue for a change of pace.

Other noteworthy places:

REI- 1416 Platte Street
Eddie Bauer-Cherry Creek Mall and other location
123 Mountain- 13701 W Jewell Ave Lakewood CO 80228
Patagonia- 1431 15th Street
32nd West- 3719 W. 32nd Ave Denver, CO 80211

Stay warm and comfortable and look good doing it.

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