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I fly from Denver International Airport (DIA) a few times a year and it is a great airport but it is very far from downtown Denver and it is just not easy to drive the 25 miles or so from there. The airport itself is the third largest international airport in the world and probably in the top 10 in terms of the busiest.

What does this have to do with parking?

Well let me tell you why Denver International Airport Parking is a huge factor…when I fly into DIA I am normally coming back from overseas which is a very long time…I mean really…picture a 12 hour flight just to go to California..then a layover of a couple of hours to go to Denver..and the time it takes for the flight to reach Denver.

 Denver International Airport Parking,parking denver international airport,denver airport parkingSo..I get to DIA and head straight to the baggage claim…by then I have probably been tired and hungry for most of the previous 24 hours. I can assure you the last thing I want to do is go to the parking garage and drive in traffic while heading back to downtown!

Oh..but what if someone is meeting me?

Well, that makes a difference but then that is not really writing about Denver International Airport Parking…is it?

LOL..seriously, there are great alternatives if you want to make it easy.

One is to take mass transit which is available in a couple of different ways..

Shuttle Bus-you can locate several counters inside the airport that provide service to various parts of the city and you can purchase your ticket before heading outside. Super Shuttle is the name of one of the more common companies.

Regional Transportation District (RTD)-they have service that goes to different areas and the one downtown is called “AF” and you pay about $11 and go to Market Street station.

Another alternative is to use some of the park and ride companies like the natives do..there isn’t one in particular that I want to single out..they are all pretty much designed to park your car in a lot near the airport and they take you to your destination.

 Denver International Airport Parking,parking denver international airport,denver airport parkingThis is economical but of course if you are paying a rate that is based on how long you leave your car..then you should balance whether a lengthy stay is worth it.

Denver International Airport parking is also possible..they have 40,000 public parking spaces..but unless you know how to get around the airport and where to locate short term parking or economy can be stressful and be prepared to pay a premium.

My least favorite option is getting a taxi or hiring an independent shuttle without a reservation…it can be done but inevitably you will wait for the shuttle or van to fill up with enough passengers to make his/her trip worthwhile.Don’t be fooled…you may get a rate much less than the taxi ( the going rate seems to be something like $65-$75 to downtown) but is it really worth it?

My experience..sure, I have been lucky where I asked someone sitting there how much to go to West Denver..and was told $50 and off we went…but that is not common..normally (like I said) you wait for a full van..which is just not convenient..

Super Shuttle and the other companies that sell you a ticket inside are normally $30 to go downtown.

Denver International Airport parking can be as much as $30 a please do your homework and try the different websites that advertise parking near the airport.

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