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One of the great things about Denver is that it is a great place to take pictures!

How many times have you run into a truly beautiful sight only to kick yourself for not having a camera with you?
Or…worse yet…maybe you don’t have a camera?
Why don’t you have one?
Is it because you don’t know how to use it?
In my case I would always prefer to take pictures of people rather than going out into the wilderness and trying to capture a sunset or a mountain. That kind of photography seems like it’s over my head because there are so many technical things to keep track of…just like wildlife…if I saw a bear or a deer I wouldn’t have the skills to know how to quickly adjust my settings to take into consideration the lighting, the zoom, knowing which lens to use….I just wouldn’t know where to begin.

Portrait photography would be less stressful and since I like people more than scenery I would be more willing to mess around with all the aspects of photography.

But I have very little experience in photography…which brings me to my next point.

Which camera to buy?

Should I take lessons and take Denver photography classes?

Denver Photography ClassesCan I trust that the people that sold me the camera actually understood my skill level and sold me a camera I can use?

Or did they sell me something that made me dependent on photography lessons?

One thing I was really surprised by was how people just never seemed to be happy with their classes!

Seriously, when looking for Denver photography classes I saw complaint after complaint and it confused me…

Do they mean to tell me that in a city the size of Denver people cannot be happy with their choices?

How come I couldn’t find any reviews of somebody saying…I hated this one but loved that one?

Nothing but complaints….so I did what I always do….I investigated.

Denver photography classes seem to fall into the following categories:


Camera stores

Private lessons by photographers

That last category…in my experience, whether it is photography or something like music lessons…just because someone knows how to do something doesn’t mean they know how to teach something…The other day I was getting a haircut and the guy next to me started a conversation with me….he asked me if I have ever been overseas…I said sure many times…he asked what I do when I’m over there...I said sometimes I visit family and sometimes I teach English.

He said “You were born in America! …Teaching English…that’s ridiculous…you get paid for that?”

Hmmm….not the first time I heard I calmly said…”Speaking English is easy for me…but that doesn’t mean everyone that speaks it knows how to teach it”

He laughed and said “Sorry dude…that is a good point”

So….back to what I was trying to explain…A photographer may be a skilled artist and provide needed insight into taking pictures…but does that make them natural teachers?

Yes…and no.

I believe someone might be better off dealing with someone experienced in the art of instruction.

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