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Denver plumbers review is based on the fact that rarely in life can we go without a plumber and in the event we know how to fix things ourselves we will need an expert in an emergency.

So when do we need a plumber and how do we find a reputable one?

Here are some basic screening questions before getting in over your head:

    Are you a licensed plumber?

    Are you insured?

    Do you offer 24-hour emergency service?

    Does your company do drain cleaning?

    Are all of your service technicians licensed plumbers?
    Is service and repair work your specialty?

    What is your normal response time once a call for help is placed?

    Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?

    Do you have a Web Site?

    What are your service rates?

    Do you charge for travel time?

    Are your trucks fully stocked, or do you charge for going to get parts?

    Do you charge overtime rates, and if so, when do they come into effect?

    Can you provide 5 references of clients who I can talk to?

Denver plumbers review is a guide to help you get the information you need in selecting the right people to perform the work you necessary.

Plumbing problems come in many different forms and below are just a sampling:


New construction


Installing a water heater

When there are different levels of plumbing problems is it okay to choose from professionals for some things and amateur handymen for others?

Well the answer is…why?

Isn’t it better to do things right the first time?

If you don’t have the money or time to do things right the first time, what makes you think you will have the money and time to fix it permanently?

Perhaps finding an experienced professional that can ethically perform work is its own reward and prevents you from engaging in shoddy work.

I knew one plumber that kind of fell into both categories amateur and professional.

He was the son of a plumber who was a licensed Master plumber…his father’s company held the license and subsequent license and credibility.

The son was a working plumber but certainly not someone that would get the same amount of work on his own…without the credentials or license.

He ended up in a situation where he, along with some other contractors went to work on a house and do a complete remodel…lots of work for all involved and it was all being billed to an out of state owner.

In time, things came to a head…and to use a plumbing metaphor…the plumber ran the faucet without ever shutting it off…and from a financial standpoint the plumber ran up a huge labor bill. It was an absentee owner spending all their time out of state…the trust that was between the owner and the contractors was fairly high given the fact that they were all friends…so constant monitoring and progress reports seemed to be unnecessary.

Then one day he got the bill and it was so far out of control it bordered on fraud….

The explanation?

The plumber said that he did what he thought was needed and nothing more.

The owner took him to court and it was a bloodbath.

The moral of the story?

This is your home, it needs running water and maintenance whenever necessary and it should be in the hands of an expert that has been thoroughly screened and verified.

Denver plumbers review should consist of a thorough reference and credential check as well as referrals from your friends and family.

Do not cut corners by getting a weekend handyman!

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