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In Denver there are many options for commercial and residential rentals and it is very common to work with a property management company.

In my experience it is very convenient to deal with a Denver property management company because they are usually much more available…plus the property management firm is very focused on their business and probably have the staff to handle the different requests that come up. So if you have any concerns about maintenance and work orders or just basic questions about features and resources they are sometimes in a better position to be supportive.

 Denver Property Management  On the other hand…my experience of dealing with the owner directly has been frustrating because although they are a property owner and have a vested interest in protecting their investment...they are mostly concerned with other areas of their life and can be too busy to answer the phone.

I will give a couple of examples…

I remember renting a condominium from a private party named Joe…when he showed the place he was easy to reach…I left a message…he called later the same day.

We met up and he showed me the condo and gave me a tour of the building…he said it was ready to move in later in the week...he just needed to pick up some hardware to do a minor repair. He said he has been busy lately and if I was interested in the place I could move in anytime and the repair was so minor I wouldn’t even notice…

 Denver Property Management  Well….I liked the place and the location and the price was right so I moved in…A few days later I called him to mention that some of the windows wouldn’t shut properly and the draft made it kind of cold at night.

Only I couldn’t reach him so I just left a message to call me back…when it was time to pay rent I still hadn’t heard from him despite our agreement that he would always give me a receipt….A full month later I came home to see a small bag left on my kitchen counter...with a handwritten note explaining that he was too busy to fix the windows and would I mind doing it, using the hardware inside the bag.

So…not only did he enter the condo without giving me any advanced notice but he was kind of sloppy in handling his responsibilities.

Dealing with a Denver property manager was much easier because they had staff to do repairs, answer the phone and provide paperwork.

When I was looking for an apartment it was nice to be able to get someone on the phone when I had a question….and when I had a problem the property management company would dispatch a maintenance person to handle it.

I suppose the only people that wouldn’t enjoy dealing with a Denver property management company are the people that require only one contact name…someone that can make all the decisions without checking with anyone.

I think there is more of an advantage in dealing with a company that has several people that specialize in managing a property.

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