Denver TV Has Something For Everyone

Denver TV is great for local and statewide coverage!

In Denver there is so much to do why would anyone sit inside and watch television?

I don’t watch TV as much as I used to but the truth is Denver has some pretty good TV stations so whether you like Public Broadcasting (PBS) or sports there is a lot to choose from. People that want local programming will find that Denver TV News stations are quite competitive with broadcasts several times a day trying to outdo each other with features of local interest.In my experience when traveling to other cities there were always television news broadcasts that seem to rely heavily on national stories and stock footage while neglecting local stories.

The television networks are:

 Denver TV, denver television, Denver sports ,denver post tv listings

Denver post tv listings
KCNC Channel 4-CBS

KRMA Channel 6-PBS

KMGH Channel 7-ABC

KUSA Channel 9-NBC or Channel 9 News Denver

KBDI Channel12-PBS

KDVR Channel 31-Fox

Denver is the 15th ranked television market for Spanish speaking viewers

 Denver TV, denver television, Denver sports ,denver post tv listings

Channel 14 Telefutura

Channel 25 Telemundo

Channel 50 Univision

The cable channel that is of interest to many sports fans is the Altitude Channel where people can indulge in their various tastes. Denver sports teams enjoy great coverage with many pre game programs getting their fans ready with special emphasis on the Denver Broncos. Post game interviews as well as consistent updates on the various activities affecting your team can also be expected.

Daytime programming on Denver TV is filled with syndicated programs ranging from your old favorites in reruns to the various talk shows. If anyone thinks a city Denver’s size would not have big city television programming they would be wrong…in fact if one didn’t have satellite or cable TV they would have around the clock programming for nearly every taste.

Cable TV is by Comcast with Direct TV and Dish Network the satellite television providers.

Denver TV can accommodate every viewer’s taste and I will give you some examples:

International Music Variety Show?

Well…yes…you can watch “Paris by Night” a popular Vietnamese show available on Dish Network.

College students from Auraria Campus putting on a performance?Sure..just put on Channel 54

Government Access Channel 8 is a terrific resource for those that want to keep up to date giving the viewer valuable information about city services.

The great event in Denver TV was the digital conversion of February 2009 when all the old fashioned televisions not connected to cable would require a converter box to switch from an analogue to a digital signal. It was noteworthy because over 39,000 homes were unable to get a signal despite months of warnings and advertising for discounted antennas.

Denver is normally ranked 16th or 17th in the Nielsen’s rating which measures the number of televisions in the household. Other cities may have many more people than Denver and much splashier news stories but our town has great television!

Denver does not have a huge crime problem to report on but we have excellent coverage on court cases and reporters on the scene when things happen…we do not “whitewash” our bad news to hide the truth because we know every city has good and bad to report…we just do a better job than many other places because we report accurately and fairly. There is more to TV watching than tourist appeal and team sports and in Denver you will see a range of subjects to review!

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