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I have a secret…and I don’t think you know about it…you might think because I am a Denver guy that I don’t know…

But I do know…Denver travel is not new to me and I know how to have a beautiful trip to Asia.

I know about Korea Airlines and I cannot say enough about them!I go overseas every now and then and it can be a nightmare…even if I use great travel agents (and I do use very good travel agents) I can still have a bad flight. I can have great prices, easy layovers and good seat choices…all of which I thank my travel agent…but then everything else can fall apart and almost ruin my trip…I will never let that happen again.

First…a word about why I like them…

I get to the airport ticket counter and am greeted by fantastic helpfulness…I had a last minute desire to get additional legroom by sitting near the emergency exit.

There is always a 90% chance that it is not available because not only are flights to Asia normally booked solid but due to the 12 plus hours it takes to fly there combined with limited seating…it is a very desirable place to sit and later sleep.

 Denver Travel,travel deals from denver,travel agency denver, travel denverSo…I am prepared for a quick rejection and confirmation of the seat I started out with…but what impressed me was how he was so friendly about it…and completely understood why it was important…so he looked and cheerfully switched my seat.

At some airlines they won’t even look...they will stand there staring at you and insist such a thing is impossible…and go on and on…and be kind of unfriendly in the process.

Anyway…I would have accepted it if there wasn’t any way to switch…but his cheerful attitude combined with seat availability set a very positive tone for the trip.

As I board the plane I am greeted with one person after another that had a warm and genuine smile. When I got to my seat I was shocked to see a USB port to charge my iPod!

As if that wasn’t enough I ran out of travel time before I ran out of free ( I didn’t have business class or anything special) movies to watch.

The service was just right…not too much and not too little…sometimes I need to sleep and don’t want to be woken up but then again I might want to eat when I wake up…they did it perfectly…

 Denver Travel,travel deals from denver,travel agency denver, travel denverDenver travel to Asia is always at least 12 hours from California and little things like amazing food…comfortable seats…well organized airports…all make the trip go better.

I really liked the service…did I already say that?

The comfort and the friendliness were so beyond what I used to tolerate I can’t believe I ever accepted that.

Denver travel is going to get easier in the future…for now we have to go to California or other airports to get a flight to Asia but as long as I discovered Korea Airlines I don’t care how long the flight is…they were a total hand holding experience!

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