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Planing your Denver Vacation Packages before traveling

There is so much to do in Denver that people forget you can do more here than just skiing!

Many visitors to Colorado book their vacations and spend the whole time going to resorts in Aspen, Vail, Breckenridge and other places…they go skiing or snowboarding then pack up and go home.

Why not be creative and find other things to do by looking into Denver vacation packages.

 Denver Restaurants,Restaurants in Denver,Denver Colorado Restaurants,eat in downtown Denver  Here is what I tell people visiting Denver…

Once you know how much time you have to play with try to do the following:

Find a nice hotel package…spa and salon services, nice dining options within the hotel…exercise room.

Using your hotel as your base you are now able to operate from there to do your day trips…go to Colorado Springs and see the Garden of the Gods…the next day see the Red Rocks,Amphitheater…the following day maybe run up to Black Hawk and Central City to try your luck at the casinos.

Then you have food to consider…take a day to eat your way through multi-cultural Denver….Mexican, Middle Eastern, Asian cuisine are all available within a few minutes of downtown Denver.

Why not run over to some of Denver’s coffee houses downtown where you can rub elbows with both fellow travelers and natives alike?

Take the light rail and experience a range of neighborhoods and the diverse cultures that populate them.

Denver Colorado vacation packages are more than just ski resorts…

Historic Denver with the Molly Brown House, The Denver Mint where the fascinating world of making money is revealed, Art Museums and more are available to you just minutes from your hotel.

Experience world class shopping as you go from downtown shops to pedestrian malls and onward to shopping malls.

Denver vacation packages have options for every budget…

You can build your own itinerary as you budget your time as you see fit or you can have your choice of hotels that have planned it for you.

In Denver if all you did was see museums it would take all week…we have art, history and cultural museums for all tastes and preferences.

But don’t forget about tours…Historic Denver tours, brewery tours, children’s tours and more.

I like Boulder…and you will too.

Spend a day going to Boulder and walking around the Pearl Street Mall…then go the fantastic shops where artisans have beautiful crafts…or just go to the everyday shops that Boulder folks go like McGuckin Hardware or The Peppercorn where the selection of hardware and housewares are guaranteed to knock your socks off.

Denver vacation packages are just the thing to cure the mid-winter blues that come from the limited sunlight and cold weather that drive most of the country indoors while Denver boasts mild temperatures more often than not during the winter.

Shopping, eating, coffee, breweries, nightlife and culture are all at your fingertips when you come to Denver…you can have a world class vacation at local prices.

All you have to do is choose the time of year you want to go…Denver will take care of the rest.

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