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For those of us that have been married there is nothing more stressful than planning a wedding and even the most loving couple seems to momentarily lose sight of the marriage when thinking of the ceremony.

The term “Bridezilla” came about as a result of the two words Bride and Zilla..the Zilla from “Godzilla” a monster from the movies that stomped around crushing everything in its path…including a whole city.

So imagine the importance placed on documenting the wedding day…and the stress when you discover the pictures were a disappointing.

 Denver Wedding Photography

I was lucky…my wife selected the studio and they handled everything…perfectly.

The problem is…I am not in the majority...because almost everyone I know that is married is simply not happy at all with their wedding photographs…and not only unhappy but bitter and almost hateful when the topic comes up.

The problem seems to be that they feel the photographer did what they wanted…not what the customer wanted.

Imagine the stress when you discover that the lighting was dim…and important moments were left unnoticed…it happens.

Years later when showing your wedding album you feel only anger at the way the pictures turned out…instead of joy about the magical day that transformed your love into a legal and spiritual partnership.

What a shame…

Looking at the reviews of Denver wedding photography places only proved my point about how passionate people are about wedding photography.

Denver wedding photographers all have one thing in common…they are hired to document the ceremony and reception so others may relive the magic of the special event.

Sounds simple…right?

So then why does it seem so difficult to please the customer? Denver wedding photographers are skilled technicians that understand lighting and atmosphere…but they should also understand the emotions and stress on the wedding day.

The best thing to do to make sure the wedding day photographs are high quality is actually quite simple…hire a good photographer!

That means…wait for it…do your research!

Why trust your wedding day to a total stranger that you don’t know anything about?

I have never met a camera owner who didn’t think he was a photographer…but seriously…if I owned a race car would that make me a race car driver?

No, of course not….it would simply make me a race car owner. So the same thing is true of a camera owner….avoid people that “want to break into the business”

You need a professional…so your classmate or coworker that is convinced he can do it cheaper or better is probably not a great idea…stick to the tried and true professional.

Believe me…if there is a good wedding photographer out there you will find them without too much difficulty…people can’t wait to brag about their beautiful wedding photographs…and they will never keep it a secret.

But if you hire someone that has no references or has a bad rating with Yelp or the Better Business Bureau…sorry but you get what you deserve.

Don’t be so eager to save a dollar that you end up ruining your wedding day memories.

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