Daytrip or Commute Denver to Colorado Springs

Denver to Colorado Springs is a pretty easy trip most of the time and it is also fairly common for people to commute every day.

I have been to Colorado Springs throughout the years and the only thing I ever remember going wrong was the winter driving up (and down) the evil Monument Hill.

The ride is very scenic and takes a little over an hour but along the way you will almost instantly heave a sigh of relief to be away from the hustle and bustle of Denver and enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape.

 Denver to Colorado Springs, denver colorado springs,colorado springs to denver,colorado springs The roads are in very good shape and you can go 75 miles an hour for most of the trip so once you leave Centennial and Englewood exits you will see Castle Rock in no time where the formation the city was named for appears majestically. Go further and you will see outlet stores where you can get great deals on clothes and household items at deep discounts. The people that shop outlet stores sometimes buy hundreds and hundreds of dollars of things as if they will be stranded at sea and never see another popular brand name again.

I like a good deal and enjoy going there but I still have to stop and get back in the car to get to Colorado Springs right?I enter Colorado Springs and notice it has many military installations..well, I think 5 is a lot..

 Denver to Colorado Springs, denver colorado springs,colorado springs to denver,colorado springs Air Force Academy

Peterson Air Force Base

Schriever Air Force Base


Fort Carson

I don’t have any business to attend to at any of those but they are there if I am interested…so is the Rodeo Hall of Fame…
What I like more than those is the beautiful…BEAUTIFUL Garden of the Gods.

It is not as huge as other national points of interest like the Grand Canyon but it is very interesting and spectacular in its own right.Colorado Springs is also fairly well known in Colorado for its high tech businesses and call centers. For that reason many people make the trip from Denver to Colorado Springs.

I know of a mass transit option that runs many times a day called Front Range Express that makes it possible to conveniently make the trip for your job.

Many people in Denver like going down there for recreation and take a break to go camping or just get out in nature. A neighboring town called Manitou Springs is minutes away and very nice to go around and see the various shops and relax in a quaint, small town atmosphere.

I know many people that moved from Denver to Colorado Springs and had a very smooth transition…some did it because they were tired of the commute and had a job they loved and others wanted a different way of life and slower pace…either way it was another example of how Denver and the nearby places offer a range of options and activities.

The ride is scenic, the pace is relaxed and some people truly enjoy the change of pace offered by Colorado Springs…I hope you check it out!

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