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A friend of mine was telling me all about a great deal he got by getting a bundle price on TV, internet service and phone and I got pretty excited.

Every sports fan knows that the only way to watch football is with HD and the NFL Ticket and NFL Red Zone are the absolute best. The National Football League has so much activity every Sunday that it makes sense to just boil down the highlights of every scoring drive inside the 20 yard line. It is an amazing experience to feel like you are not missing any action!

Red Zone is only available by getting Direct TV and if you subscribe to the Direct TV package named NFL Ticket you can get Red Zone and something similar called “Short Cuts” which gives you replays of a game all in under 30 minutes!

But…Direct TV packages are for more than football fans…I will explain:

 Direct TV Packages,direct tv business packages,direct tv packageThere are several direct TV business packages that have digital channels which come in groups of channels like Choice which has over 150 channels.

The next level is Choice Xtra (their spelling, not mine LOL) which has over 210 digital channels.

Choice Ultimate has 225 plus channels and then there is Premier with over 285 channels.

These Direct TV packages are just the English packages…now onto the High Definition channels or “HD”. First you must have Choice Xtra or above to qualify for free HD programming but here is a more detailed explanation:

Choice-40 HD channels (not free)

Choice Xtra-50 plus HD channels free

Choice Ultimate- 55 plus HD channels free

Premier-105 plus HD channels for free

These Direct TV packages come with free equipment and I believe there is no deposit depending on what your credit is like.

The thing that makes it extremely popular is the International Programming!

Besides Spanish you can have Cantonese or Mandarin (two Chinese languages), Filipino or Vietnamese. Korean, Russian and South Asian are some of the other options.

When you order an International package you will need to get a “base package” and there are two to choose from.

Basic Choice- Which has 85 English language channels and 69 music channels

Preferred Choice-125 English language digital channelsOnce you establish which program you want…for example with Vietnamese you have the following choices:

 Direct TV Packages,direct tv business packages,direct tv packageViet Basic




The different levels offer more channels and the more you get the more you pay.

Now what if you just want to watch movies and the occasional TV show?

You can choose from:





Those are just a few and what a lot of people like to do is record with their DVR service which you can program from your computer or Android Smart Phone…and you can even record 2 shows at the same time!

The bundle I was talking about before is the TV which we covered, the internet and the phone...this is called the “Triple Play”

I think Direct TV packages are great and I can hardly wait to get started…but remember...if you are renting…you must get the property manager’s permission before installing the equipment!

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