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I have traveled a lot during my life and I know a little bit about hotels and I don’t have to be an expert traveler to tell you there are ways to be safe and comfortable without spending money foolishly on a bunch of features I don’t need.

I don’t travel for business and don’t need meeting rooms or conference rooms with a view and I can’t say I ever need audio visual presentation materials and equipment.

 Best Downtown Denver Hotel  When I need a hotel in Denver I seem to be able to get everything I need without too much difficulty but I use a different method than most people. While some are researching with websites and rankings and reports I use the following questions when I want a downtown Denver hotel:

Is it convenient to the airport?

Is it within walking distance of places I need to visit in the morning?

Is it near a rental car place?

Is it safe to walk nearby at night?

Is there a food store nearby?

Am I forced to use the hotel restaurant or can I bring food in?

Where can I get coffee in the morning?

When I walk in the lobby how do the employees interact with the guests?

Are the employees only talking to each other?

Am I able to have visitors come see me without them (or me) feeling weird?

How do they treat visitors?

Okay...that seems like a long list but believe me…most of things I can be decided in the first few minutes I walk into a place.

I know Denver very well and I know Denver hospitality as well as anyone but when it comes to hotels…sometimes a minor disappointment can turn into a ruined night or day!


I am the customer and I have certain rights…if I don’t want to be disturbed by housekeeping I shouldn’t have to discuss my reasons why and attempt to convince anyone about anything….simple...but I have had the experience of being engaged in a negotiation.

Another issue….if I want my mother to feel comfortable visiting me before I go to the airport and she comes at a decent hour…she should not have to answer a ton of questions about room number, whether she is a guest or whatever…leave my guests alone...if they want to wait in the lobby…let them do their thing without feeling like they are not welcome.

If I get back from an international flight and just want to check in and go straight to my room just try to understand by the look on my face that I do not need to review absolutely every feature the hotel has.

So…that being said…I give an A+ to Hilton Gardens on Colorado Boulevard and Cherry Creek South in the Belcaro neighborhood….it is the perfect place for me because I can transition into being back in America or I can set the right tone for my upcoming adventure…at a great price.

The other place that is as good as any place I have ever stayed is the Oxford Hotel which is just a wonderful place with friendly, classy people…they are way downtown at 1600 17th Street.

Downtown Denver hotel is sometimes hit or miss…these 2 places are just right…every time!

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