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I know everyone has heard about EBay since it has been around for years but how many of us actually use it?

Do you know what I mean?

There are some things I have heard so much about for so many years I just get tired of so much exposure or publicity…like Star Wars movies…my whole life I have heard what seems like nonstop discussion about the subject that it seriously turned me off from ever wanting to see the movies.

Well…about 15 years ago I had a very close friend that liked EBay so much that he made it his job!

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He would go to garage sales around town…and then when that wasn’t enough he would go throughout Colorado…he would buy things when he found a good price..and then turn around and sell them.

His whole life was one big sales cycle…buy low...sell high. He was always so focused on his EBay activity that he had no time for anything else…If he wasn’t buying a “collectible” (LOL) item and cleaning it up…then he was taking a picture of it…then tracking his auctions obsessively…or he was constantly tracking his seller rating…or going to the post office to ship something. So…as you can imagine…I saw what it did to him and I silently swore I would not get caught up in that kind of craziness.

But something happened…though I am not in touch with that guy anymore LOL…I use ebay local classifieds a lot now!

The thing I like the most is how it is a sophisticated tool for getting your needs met…sure, you could say the same about other websites...but the EBay community is more than auctions…and buyers and sellers…EBay classifieds are great for the filtering of your search.

Instead of inputting how you want a job in Hudson Colorado and then spending time scrolling through all the entries, you can be quite specific…

You could put in parameters of location, job description and other factors…but wait a minute before you say there are many other websites that do that…you will find that EBay classifieds lets you do a little trick…you can set up more than one region.


Let’s say you want to look for a sales job in Seattle, a teaching job in California but a waterskiing instructor job in Hawaii…you can program a series of alerts that can update and notify you.

I used their Android application for my smartphone and thought EBay classifieds truly impressed me!

The updates were not just a daily email…after all...any job website can do that…but you can just set the filters and forget about it and it updates quite quickly.

The other thing I really like about Ebay classifieds is they have a logical interface…it is clean and easy to use...with just the right amount of search criteria to save you valuable time. EBay classifieds are good for buying stuff, getting services and even being part of a community for those that like to interact with others that share similar interests.

Anytime a website saves me time by having smart categories I support them by using them as often as I can.

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