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I always thought it was interesting that something as important as the garage door opener has had very few improvements since it was invented in the 1920s.

The technology is pretty simple….first you start with the construction of the door…if you have heavy material it will be more difficult to lift. The single panel doors that were popular years ago would swing outward and required a lot of room in order to operate…otherwise it would swing out and hit something (like a car!).

The next improvement of the garage door was a lighter weight construction that was in sections…normally 6 or 8 panels.The way it works is to use a track system that is counter balanced by a spring that moves the doors upward or downward. The power unit is electric and moves the chain or pulley that moves the door along the track.

 Garage Door Denver  One of the things that people don’t realize is the role of the garage door as the main entry into their home….and if you have a malfunction you might be locked out of your home!

I grew up in a house where the garage was the only way we entered into the home and for many years we never used any other door. Then one day we used the remote and nothing happened…my parents had 4 screaming kids that were tired after being in the hot sun all day and my sister was sick…we were in a rush to get home and unwind…but we were locked out.

We didn’t have the keys to the other doors and it looked like we were stuck!

We got out of the car and tried to lift the door by having our neighbors help us lift it…no luck.

It was then that we discovered the importance of routine maintenance and repair…since we found out sometimes it is a lot of little things that create the problem.

Garage door Denver companies can be found easily but there are a couple of things to consider.

Do they keep parts in stock?

Is it a real company or someone with an operation run out of their home?

Actually there is nothing wrong with the independent contractor…as long as they stand behind their work…which brings me to my next point.

Are they bonded?


Because in the event there is a dispute you want to know you can hold them accountable.

Garage Door Denver repair companies should know how to set appointments and keep them as well as having the experience to repair springs, tracks and troubleshoot electrical issues.

Also, a reputable repair company should know when to repair and when to replace.

In my experience…some contractors look at most repair jobs as an opportunity to sell a whole new system.

Whether its garage doors or cars…repairs done by a true professional should not automatically be ignored just so you can make some salesman happy with a big sale.

Garage door Denver companies are all over Denver but you have to do your research and avoid spending tons of money on a replacement system when you don’t have to.

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