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We're doing nails for living, we're blogging for pleasure.

Here you will find information from an insider’s point of view so you can hopefully experience Denver the way natives do. The focus on this site is to give you information to enjoy your experience traveling to the Mile High City and if you find yourself on an extended stay our website will also be useful.There are many sites that can give you oodles of statistics and dry data but that is not our aim…we want you to see Denver the way we do, stripped of fancy package tours and out of reach of the day to day life of many” Denverites”

We are fun loving people that have lived in Denver all our lives and have traveled the world several times over so we can offer a unique perspective on how and why Denver is special. Denver is not just a location near the Rocky Mountains but a hugely popular destination among travelers.

This website is best used when you want to get an overview on where to go and what to do and we will periodically tell you some of our favorite haunts so you can cut through the many cluttered tourist traps…so join us as we get off the beaten path and show you the hidden Denver. 

Denver has many transplants from other places and has changed from year to year but we have been here and can show you the old and new Denver with the rich diversity that  the “new” offers as well as the old and traditional Denver…but first…a little perspective on where Denver fits in within our vast country:

Where is Denver?

Well…it is 832 miles away from Los Angeles, California

Okay…but what if you are not from California?

You may say…

Where is Denver?

Denver is 1017 miles from Seattle, Washington

That’s nice…but what if you are not from the West Coast?

You may ask…

Where is Denver?

Denver is 917 miles from Chicago, Illinois

We will show you how to see the city on a budget and where to people watch while enjoying one of our many sidewalk cafes.

 We may also provide you with advice on how to avoid being a target of street violence and property crime…we may love all of our Denver neighbors but that doesn’t mean we are a crime free city.

Every neighborhood I have ever been to had much more positive to recommend it than things to be cautious of…go with confidence than you can avoid issues of safety and you will be thrilled to see many of the “off the beaten path” areas of Denver.

Denver will feed you, entertain you and certainly interest you while you visit but our website will provide some of the missing pieces tourists enjoy while traveling and it is our honor and privilege to highlight the Denver we know and love.

This is an interactive site where the reader can submit their questions and comments and all will be reviewed and considered.

Moving to Denver -We hope you enjoy explore more our site and come for our professional Nail Services.