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Groupon review -Denver Coupons

If you really want to save money with coupons you have to focus on what it is you need…product or service and then you can go in the right direction.

People say that to get the best deals you must use the internet and get alerts from participating stores….and that the days of presenting a small piece of paper are from the old days.

Remember when you would open the blue envelope from Val Pak and use your scissors to trim the small coupons?

Well…some people still do that, just like they do with the advertisements in the Sunday paper but something else is happening in Denver and other places…Some people love it…some hate it….and retailers and customers are addicted to it…Groupon is here to stay. Let's do Groupon review ...

It can be trouble though….at first it seemed like it was so harmless…give a big discount to a customer who signed up on the Groupon website…they enter a type of service they want and go to the place of business to see if they like it.

The trouble?

Isn’t getting a new customer good?

Well what if you get 100 people showing up on the same day and you cannot handle it?

Sure, you get a Denver coupon customer that discovers your business…and if they like it they might become a regular customer and pay full price the next time….but what if they don’t?

I know people that only use Groupon deals and never use a service unless they get a huge discount…their thinking is that they will always have a discount so why pay full price?

Well, if I am the business owner I would take the risk of a crowd of people showing up if it meant they would come back at a later time….but to inconvenience me with too many people and not enough resources to handle them?

Sounds risky…I better get a few potential customers out of it if it means I might be rushed and not provide good service.

Denver coupon customers are normally nice though…they can see that the business owner is running a promotion to introduce their business to the consumer and is trying to deal with the extra people that show up.

In the old days people would sort of build a relationship with the people they did business with…it was never a faceless corporation or “big box” store with a headquarters out of state…and people understood loyalty.

But…now I think people want a deal so much that they are willing to driver all over town and always look for a deal and never look back.

If I entered into the world of “Group Coupon” or Groupon, I would brace myself for an increase in business that would cause some stress if I could not keep up but I would stay focused on building my reputation with the customer so they would come back.
When meeting anyone for the first time I think we all have an idea about whether we like them or not within the first couple of minutes…so I would make the most out of these “break even” customers!

Hope you will find my Groupon review helpful.

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