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Gutter cleaning in Denver is especially important due to the constantly changing temperatures despite the fact that Denver doesn’t get a lot of rainfall.

So, why is this important?

Picture a day that has a very mild temperature followed by a day that has freezing temperature and a dirty and clogged gutter turns to ice….and then when it thaws it doesn’t let the water flow and turns the ground into a wet mess.

The reason why that’s a problem is that one of the main reasons why gutters were invented was to keep water away from the foundation of the house and also to prevent water from stagnating and becoming a breeding ground for bugs and mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes don’t just bite and cause itching…they carry disease!
Basements that have water that seeps into them can easily promote mold and mildew and normally a faulty water drainage system is to blame.

Water can cause wood to rot as well as weaken the foundation but one of the main benefits of regularly maintained gutters is the absence of animal nests!

Squirrels, rats and more can cause huge problems when you consider they carry rabies and are prone to biting. Gutter cleaning in Denver can be done by professionals that can efficiently review and clean gutters rather than you getting on a ladder and possibly losing your balance…better to leave it to a professional that may charge a few hundred dollars but has many repetitions of hauling their equipment up and down roof after roof so why not let them do the work?

Some key points:

Your gutters, especially if they have not been cleaned for a while can be quite full of soggy leaves, debris, moss and silt which can be pretty messy to clean up. It is definitely a job that you need to be prepared to get your hands dirty.

If you do not feel comfortable climbing up a tall ladder then don’t attempt to clean the gutters yourself. Access to your gutters using a ladder is not always easy and the ground can be quite uneven and that can be very risky since you are pretty high up a ladder to reach your gutters. Eliminate the risk of you getting injured by hiring a professional.
If you are not use to cleaning gutters then the job can be a real hassle involving having to constantly empty your debris bucket and having to go up and down the ladders to move them round the house. It can end up being a boring and repetitive task.

The only benefit of cleaning your gutters yourself is saving a little bit of money but in return you could be risking your safety, not making the best use of your time, whilst getting yourself in a mess. Why not just hire someone and know the job will get done safely and professionally?

Denver gutter cleaning is important to do during all 4 seasons because twigs, leaves and branches can build up during the gusty winds that occur almost any time of year and by the time the rainy (or hail) season happens, you will find the storms are so forceful you can risk property damage if your gutters are not in good working order.

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