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There are 2 issues that normally affect the newcomer and over the years it never changes…people love everything about Denver but they fear they will never adjust to 2 things:

Weather Denver -

How can it be 60 degrees in January?

Why does it snow so much in March?

Has it really snowed in June?

Altitude Denver-

How long before I can stop gasping for air?

Is my body going to adjust?

Am I going to get more white blood cells?

Living in Denver is not like living in other places for many reasons and those are just a couple of common complaints.
Anytime you are living in a city at such a high altitude (5280 feet) the air is bound to be much thinner than whatever you were used to. Thin air also causes people to make minor adjustments to baking…

 Living in Denver, Denver Cost of Living, assisted living denver,Weather Denver,Altitude Denver It is very common for newcomers to be quite leery of this strange new place and they go out and get “special” high altitude cookbooks as if they have to de-program years of effortless cooking and baking…we try not to laugh at them.

Living in Denver has also meant watching our beloved baseball team the Colorado Rockies become the object of scorn when sports fans began to complain that hitting home runs in Colorado was so easy due to the high altitude…so Major League Baseball suggested and encouraged a humidor to make the baseballs less buoyant!

My favorite high altitude myth about living in Denver?

Alcohol will be a zillion times more powerful when you are at a high altitude!

Be careful!!!!!!!!

The alcohol you spill might take on a life of its own!


I understand that people sometimes have a difficult time adjusting to the newness of a place and things like high altitude might be very mysterious…here is my own experience to put it in terms anyone can understand…and it is not scientific!
Sometimes I travel and away from Denver for very long periods of time..upon returning to Denver I experience the following symptoms:

A little light headed especially if I stand up too fast…which…as I get older…I rarely find myself in a position to have to stand up so quickly I get disoriented.

I yawn a lot the first couple of days.

I sleep longer.

My face feels a little tight and I feel slightly flushed.My hearing is fine but it seems a little muffled on the first day.

The point I am making is that when you are used to it you make some mental notes that things will get more settled in a few days and there is no point in scaring yourself about what is happening to your body.

The weather?

Living in Denver is fascinating because the weather changes so frequently!

It is not uncommon to have a snow day with high winds be replaced by a day of melting snow and minor standing water on the streets due to temperatures in the upper 60’s!

The general rule for the weather is like this:

January is a mix of very cold and very mild, March is predictably gloomy with a lot of heavy snow, spring and summer last a very long time and the end of October brings light snow.
So if you like below zero temperatures we can provide that…but if you want somewhat high temperatures during winter months…no problem!

There is a saying “If you don’t like the weather in Denver, wait 5 minutes”

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