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Denver has been the home to one of the most popular colleges for nontraditional students in America which was based on offering admission to anyone despite their academic history or shortcomings. The one stipulation was you needed to have a high school diploma or GED (general education development).

Starting in 1965 Metropolitan State College of Denver offered those over 20 years old the opportunity to get an affordable education and choose from over 50 majors. Student enrollment has climbed steadily over the years to become the second largest school in the state for undergraduates behind the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Formerly Colorado State held the number 2 position…

Adding graduate programs to the curriculum has created a lot of excitement along with prestige but because a college offering graduate (Masters level) programs now qualify as a university.

Metropolitan State College of Denver is commonly called “Metro” and is about to undergo a name change which seems to cause much resistance on and off campus. Student and staff surveys and even community leaders participated and the choices seem to be narrowed down to 4 names:

 Metropolitan State College,metropolitan state university,denver metropolitan state college

Denver Metropolitan State University

Metropolitan Denver State University

Denver State Metropolitan University

Metropolitan State University of Denver

Voting on the name change is a constant source of discussion on campus and people that are both current and former students wonder if their school’s identity crisis will ever be resolved!On the one hand there is University of Denver across town..a much loved institution that people call various names…

”DU”…”Denver University” are the most common but now Metro folks are worried that with “Denver” and “University” in any proposed name change will cause confusion…

I know Metro very well..and so does my family..and though I have not voted for a variety of reasons I propose something very simple….Metropolitan State University Denver is the only thing I like!

What a mess!

I am pretty involved with academia in Denver and it seems like the identity crisis has caused a lot of hurt feelings…Metro feels like an offshoot of DU…DU is unhappy because it wants to distance itself from its less prestigious neighbor..and quite frankly doesn’t think a former college should benefit from any implied connection.

 Metropolitan State College,metropolitan state university,denver metropolitan state college Metropolitan State University Denver is the best of both worlds!Metro State is accredited by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU)[18] and the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA).

Academic options:

School of Letters Art and Science

School of Professional Studies

School of Business

The graduate level programs are in Master of Professional Accounting, Master of Social Work and Master of Art in Teaching.Metro is one of 3 schools on the Auraria campus on the fringe of downtown Denver and offers urban education to students of diverse backgrounds.

Formerly a commuter campus it has adapted by offering on campus housing starting a few years ago.

Metropolitan State University Denver has aggressively priced tuition with high quality academic resources…programs can be individualized degree program, online or in classroom.

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