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In Denver there are so many housing options that it can be a little overwhelming so it is important to break things down into smaller pieces so you can carry the load easier.

All things being equal you should decide what sacrifices you are willing to make…

If you want a new home in Denver are you willing to go where the new homes are?

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My sister is a good example of this question…

Here is a list of her criteria…

Living in a community with lots of things to do within walking distance

Living in a neighborhood that is well established

Living in a house with unique architecture...unique

Living in a house that has a basement

Living in a house that has an attic

All of the items listed above were nonnegotiable…she insisted that it wasn’t a lot to ask for…

As time went on she realized that looking for new homes in Denver required her to go to areas that weren’t old and established…instead they were mostly available in less populated areas like Littleton and Aurora.

If you want to have a big yard with privacy or you want to have a neighborhood near good schools it takes research. There are tools that will help you understand the history at the address, taxes, crime, everything…but a newly constructed house gives you a certain kind of freedom from the past.

For some people they want a new home in Denver because they can create their own memories and design it the way they want…or perhaps you select a new home in Denver that a developer designed and built.. either way you have to decide your priorities.

 New Homes Denver  In my sister’s case she eventually decided to focus more on the house itself, then the schools nearby, and the crime rate...and before she knew it….the nonnegotiable things that she wouldn’t budge on became flexible on…

New homes in Denver with a safe neighborhood, school district that is good, convenient to your job...are all things she eventually found once she relaxed on a few things.

Buying a house is a big decision and if you cut corners and go against your instinct it could be a very expensive mistake…but if you balance things out by doing your research as well as asking people in your social circle and just driving around to areas you like…you may surprise yourself!

Denver has grown so much in the last few years that it seems like we will just get bigger because it sure doesn’t seem like people are leaving…so for the people that have their heart set on getting a new house…it may work out that you don’t have much choice because those older homes will probably not be vacant to make room for you.

New homes in Denver seem to be on the perimeter of the city more so than the Central Denver.

If I were in the market for a new home in Denver I would use the following guidelines:

Go south first since there seems to be some new houses being developed...and what is still much newer than other places. North is probably the oldest part of Denver so avoid it if you don’t want to waste time.

Next, you can try some of the neighboring areas within easy driving distance but you may have to leave the Denver city limits.

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