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Party buses have always been popular despite some controversy that would indicate it is a “buyers beware” issue. However, that could be said about most businesses.

So, what is the issue?

A competitive business mixed with large groups of partygoers can be a volatile mix leading to misunderstandings.

In one case, a very public dispute occurred when a limousine/party bus ( I will not name the company) showed up late and then was late for every stop afterward…in this particular case it was a high school prom.

As everyone knows…that is a once in a lifetime event when you are attending your school’s senior prom…it is not replaceable.

So, when you feel like you missed dinner reservations with friends, missed connections when you were supposed to meet up with friends at parties…well, you get the idea.

A chain reaction of missed opportunities caused one group to complain publicly and eventually was joined by other complaining customers to the point where the Better Business Bureau gave a failing grade.

The BBB is a trusted organization that tries to handle disputes…and many people try to use them as the first line of research.

The story brought up some points that one might want to be aware of when shopping for a Party Bus in Denver:

1)Do not pay in cash

2)Use a credit card so your credit card company can help you dispute charges in the future

3)Do your research by checking on their permits and licensesJust because a company boasts that it has big and beautiful vehicles with flat screen televisions will not mean they can ensure a great time!

Many companies can provide a courteous driver that can balance safe driving with efficient pickup and delivery times….remember it is your show, not the driver’s show!

Always do your homework and remember to get everything in writing once you come to an agreement so you can avoid any confusion later. Receipts in particular are a common problem…..Inspecting the vehicle and getting the company to acknowledge the condition can spare you many headaches when you go to return the vehicle.

I am reluctant to get involved in identifying which companies to use or avoid in this particular industry because it is better to research it yourself…and get referrals from your friends that used a company before.

When doing your research try to balance your findings with what is proven with what is hearsay and you will avoid time consuming clutter. I am normally in favor of independent research when doing a background check and I am a little leery of competitors pointing out too much information about other companies.

That doesn’t mean the information is inaccurate…it just means that they have their reasons for highlighting the shortcomings of other companies.

Party Bus rentals in Denver are designed to keep you and your group together as you celebrate as you go from one party to another while continuing the party in between locations. Let your bachelor party or prom night be one of joy and celebration and not drama!

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