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Piano movers in Denver are a special breed and it is very important to select one that knows the difference between moving boxes and moving a piano. Some piano owners describe the heartache that comes with their cherished piano never quite recovering from a move…even when there are no physical signs of damage.

In the case of Colorado piano owners they are lucky to have so many choices of qualified piano movers.

Why is that important?

If your city has limited competition you create a culture where bad companies can cut corners and not try as hard.

The common complaints of Piano movers in Denver are:

1)Quoted a price on the phone but when it was time to actually move it there was a higher price give…kind of an unfair advantage..I mean there is somebody right in front of you that wants more money..

But..they can move your piano if you agree to their price.

They have you “over a barrel” because they know you will not send them home so that you can start making phone calls to other companies and begin the process all over again.

2)Movers that claim to be able to move anything but don’t even know where to begin when attempting to move a piano.

3)Weightlifters that take it as a person challenge to move heavy things quickly…but not always carefully.

4)Movers that show up too late or too early

5)Movers that don’t understand that the living space might be shared with others so parking, stairs and elevators may be crowded during peak times.

Piano movers in Denver can handle many challenges if you are careful while researching and doing your homework. Preparing to move a piano can go easier if you measure it and have the dimensions ready when getting an estimate. Those customers that have partial and incomplete information will soon discover that movers have little patience in basing their estimate on bad information.

A partial list of reputable movers includes:

Precision Piano Movers
Denver, CO
(303) 288-7183




Colorado Movers
3893 Steele St, Denver, CO 80202
(303) 321-4229




Checkmate Piano Movers
Denver, CO
(303) 295-1115




The Piano Specialists
Denver, CO
(303) 431-3700




Move and Tune
1899 South Broadway
Denver, CO
(303) 733-8472




Fisher Piano Movers
Denver (303) 800-1200
Colorado Springs
(719) 632-6683




Piano's Plus Moving Co
3770 Allison CT,
Wheat Ridge, CO
(303) 940-6888




The Moving Connection
1930 Central Avenue, Lafayette, CO 80301
(303) 665-6683




The Piano Specialists Moving Company
Arvada, CO 80002
(303) 431-3700



Another option is a company called Pianos 2 Go which has trucks in every major city and has a very efficient website where you can see their business license information as well as a form to input your information in order to get a quote. You can also chat live!



Piano movers in Denver can also provide storage which is important...because there are sometimes you need to move a piano out of a place but you might be unsure about where the permanent home might be.

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