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Pizza in Denver restaurants seem to be geared toward the night on the town crowd and it is also not always possible to bring the whole family along..since it takes a fair amount of time..and planning..

How many times have we all piled into the car on a spontaneous trip to go downtown..only to find out parking was a nightmare..or the place was too crowded and you end up with just going to whatever is nearby…

I love downtown..and the restaurants…and I am sure there are places that have excellent pizza that I haven’t been to yet…but I am not writing about places I don’t know LOL..I am writing about places I do know!

Pizza to me is different for a variety of reasons…you share sit it in the middle of the table and people politely (hopefully) reach and get a slice..and then another..and another…Good pizza is a good experience..but so is mediocre pizza..

Let me explain;

People will tolerate decent or below average pizza because they still have fun eating and sharing it…but let’s talk about good pizza.

 Pizza in Denver, denver pizza,pizza denver,best pizza denverGood pizza has to have personality and has to care about how it tastes..and not if the atmosphere is the most well decorated….In fact..I am suspicious of pizza places (no..I won’t mention names) that are so high class and trendy that the pizza tries to be a work of art…something gets lost when you dress up pizza as some kind of royal feast…it is not only not necessary..but it is a distraction.

The best pizza I had recently was served on a paper plate…on a table that was beat up with a small rip on the vinyl seat..The interior of the pizzeria was a dim tile floor that wasn’t as clean as you’d like..and the fluorescent lights were overkill…ok..enough of the atmosphere…

Downtown Denver restaurants sometimes make pizza out to be some kind of fancy experience…so I simply point out how you can branch out a few minutes from downtown and get good pizza that is much cheaper…

Back to the Pizza in Denver.

The big floppy piece was one of 8 slices that came from the pie…it was folded over and dripped oil that I let sit on the plate until I got to the crust…

My judge of a good pizza is definitely how the crust tastes..if it is just a platform for the sauce and cheese..then it will be a very average pizza..but if it is good enough to actually want to eat the crust..then that is a good pizza.

Some places to try…

Famous Pizza on Broadway (I don’t know about their other locations)

 Pizza in Denver, denver pizza,pizza denver,best pizza denver

Enzo’s on Colfax

Angelo’s on 6th Ave

Josephina’s downtown (deep dish style)

Anthony’s..several locations..

As far as old fashioned pizza places…the ones mentioned above will be good for getting pretty good pizza for you and a small group..the atmosphere is either simple or just okay..but that is not the reason to go..

A word on the other boutique fancy pizza places…I hear people raving about several of them and they love the creativity that downtown Denver restaurants and their pizza places offer…Me?

I like my pizza old fashioned…

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