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One of the greatest things about Denver is all the things you can do outdoors throughout the year!

…. and one of the most popular is the Mile High Flea Market which is something like 80 acres of everything you would ever want to buy!

Fruits and vegetables, housewares…and of course…turkey legs...LOL

Ask anyone in Denver what they think of when you hear “Mile High Flea Market” and they normally say turkey legs.

The thing I like is the selection of things that I can buy all in one place…I have bought tools, food and clothes all at a discount and a couple of times I even bought an antique!

The atmosphere is a wide open market with about 400 booths and stores set up for you to touch and feel or try on if you want to.

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The artisan foods and crafts are what make it special though because there are lots of –places to buy a head of lettuce…but not that many places to buy fresh bread 5 minutes after buying a set of tools or antiques.

The environment for children is great…though in the summer time you should be careful with them because the wide open spaces and the asphalt attract the heat and you can get over heated.

The amusement rides like the roller coaster is another family favorite but so is the huge toy selection!

Things to do in Denver during the summer is easy…very easy but what about during those short days in winter when the sun goes down before 5 pm?

Well, the Mile High Flea Market is open year round on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 5pm and you can choose from buying new or buying old stuff.

In 2007 they kind of changed their approach and changed things by offering a wide variety of new things and underwent a name change…Mile High Marketplace.

 Things to Do In Denver, stuff to do denver,things to do denver co,denver fun things to doThe things to do in Denver include getting great deals for you and your family as well as having a whole day of entertainment!

One of the popular favorites is the Paris Apartment…a very clever way of creating an interesting place to sell antiques…when you go inside…you see what looks just like an apartment in Paris!

Marketing helps bring people in…but good products and entertainment create repeat customers in my opinion.

I have furnished whole rooms by accident just by going to a couple of stalls looking for something in particular and wound up stumbling onto bargains too good to pass up.

One of my favorite things to do in Denver is to get out of the city and get a little fresh air and change of scenery and Mile High Marketplace is just far enough away to be a nice change from my routine.If you take Highway 76 to Highway 88 you are there!

Some people remember the Greyhound Racetrack in the town of Henderson Northeast of Denver...well, that’s roughly where this is.

One of the best features of Mile High Marketplace is their reasonable rent if you want to sell things…just $20 for booth rent on Friday and $30 for Saturday and Sunday!

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