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The University of Denver bookstore is located on campus at 2050 E. Evans Ave.. Denver, Colorado 80208 and is open 6 days a week open from 8:30-6:30 Monday through Thursday, Friday from 8:30 to 5 and Saturday from 10:00-3:00.

The thing that is great about any college bookstore is how they seem to understand that students don’t have a lot of time to buy things off campus… and when a college bookstore offers computers, laptops and other technology. The students will buy it because it is faster and more convenient since their whole life takes place on campus.

Price shopping is important to students…but so is time management...and not missing classes while going all over the place looking for is a deal just not smart.
So, what else can I get at University of Denver Bookstore?

I would get a sweatshirt, art supplies, a couple of notebooks….

Something to eat in between classes, headphones and a license plate holder….

A laptop, iPod and flash drive…

A class ring, a frame for my diploma

Oh..I forgot…

I need textbooks!

 University of Denver Bookstore  So you get the idea that it is more than a place to buy books once a semester…it is actually an important place you may end up going to every day you’re on campus.

In order to find it you would go on Evans Avenue east of University Boulevard until you get to Race Street, which is about 3 blocks away from University.

As with any popular place you should pay attention to peak times and do you shopping early.

A huge mistake people make it to visit the day before classes start…or go at a time that is crowded…bookstores are not like supermarkets…they don’t have 10 cashiers...they might have just a couple that work as fast as they can.

University of Denver Bookstore tries very hard to accommodate the needs of almost 12,000 students and the demands of international students, doctoral students….every student is important and in some cases the students may have very unique needs. So, standard textbooks are just a small part of what students need from their bookstore.

If you go to the bookstore you can expect a high degree of professionalism and service that will ease the anxiety most students experience at the beginning of the semester. You can enjoy a wide selection but you can also order online from the comfort from your own home…in fact, you can also check online to see if they are buying your textbooks…which saves you time bringing them down to the store…only to find out they don’t have a need. It is a very useful tool because you just enter the book code and it will tell you how much they will buy it for.

When you go to the University of Denver Bookstore you will find a relaxed but professional atmosphere with knowledgeable people…so whether you are buying a laptop or locating your textbooks you can count on time well spent…and even though there are good bookstores in the Denver area for college students, this one is suited for DU students of all kinds!

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