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University of Denver Creative Writing programs

Denver is a great place to go to school and more specifically…a great place to go to college and some would say that University of Denver or “DU” is at the head of the class.

One of the things that makes DU very unique is their PhD program for Creative Writing…without any Creative Writing Master’s program at DU…why did they skip over a whole level?

Isn’t that strange?

Well…yes and no…I will explain…

They did at one time…but decided to focus exclusively on doctoral study since many other popular Master’s programs are available for Creative Writing and they set themselves apart by doing something…creative.

Denver is no longer an unsophisticated cow town that is unable to showcase great writers!

However, you may not know Denver has been home to many of them…a partial list:

Hunter S. Thompson
Steven White
James Michener

 University of Denver Creative Writing But there was another great writer who is probably more popular after his death than he was while he was living…and every few years he seems to be rediscovered by someone and ends up on a recommended reading list.

His name is John of a 3 books with “Stoner” being the most famous.

He was the Program Director at University of Denver Creative Writing and sort of put them on the map.

Creative writing in general was always the domain of fancy east coast schools for decades until schools in the Midwest (Iowa has one of the most famous now) and further out west claimed their rightful place in rotation of schools that offer Creative Writing. In 1947 the program was founded and along the way endured many changes…adopting some of the ideas from Europe… merging the creative and critical thinking skills that are normally at odds with one another.

Another break from tradition was to embrace non Western literature which had enormous appeal in Colorado…as the program entered into 1960s they (and all University of Denver programs) were influenced by all global matters.

The program made periodic adjustments and stayed ahead of the curve by setting trends instead of following them.

University of Denver Creative Writing is a great way to prepare for a career as a writer, educator or just any venture that encourages literary and critical thinking skills.

In Denver you already know how people regard a University of Denver degree but did you know DU has an impressive international reputation as well?

University of Denver Creative Writing program accepts applications up until their January 1st deadline.

Some of the things you should know:

This is not a studio program. Workshops do not occur nearly as often they do in an MFA program. But everything students do during their coursework tends to interact with their writing.

The preface or afterword of the creative dissertation is a critical essay of approximately 25 pages, This will be an exercise in publishable literary criticism or a more informal literary essay, which demonstrates the candidate's professional maturity.

A dissertation is to a doctoral program what a thesis is to a master’s program…basically providing a summary of what you spent your time learning.

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