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The dream of every engineer is that they can either fix a problem or prevent one but believe me there is a lot more to it than that. You must study very hard for a number of years and pass rigorous testing in order to be credible in your field.

That brings up an interesting question…

What area of engineering do you want to focus on?

In Denver there are several good schools and a couple of great ones for engineering so I will focus on one of them.

The University of Denver Engineering Program is also known as the School of Engineering and Computer Science.

Let’s get started by taking a look at their impressive range of degree programs:

Undergraduate/Bachelor’s Degree:

    BS Applied Computing
    BS Computer Engineering
    BS Computer Science
    BS Electrical Engineering
    BS Electrical Engineering With a Concentration in Mechatronic Systems
    (Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Engineering) Then there is an interesting twist….
    BA Game Development- create content and artistic development
    BS Game Development-programming
    BS Mechanical Engineering
    Master Degrees
    MS Bioengineering
    MS Computer Science
    MS Materials Science
    MS Mechanical Engineering
    MS Nanoscale Science and Engineering
    Doctor of Philosophy/ Ph.D programs:
    Ph.D Engineering
    Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Engineering
    Ph.D. Materials Science
    Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
    Ph.D. Nanoscale Science and Engineering

 University of Denver Engineering,university colorado denver,university college university of denver  As you can see the University of Denver Engineering programs offer a lot to choose from and because the students work closely with faculty they develop quickly and can think creatively and scientifically.

They have a great number of labs so that you can put into motion what you have learned in the classroom:

    Acoustic Emission Laboratory
    Advanced Computational Design Laboratory
    Aerosol Laboratory
      Biofluids Laboratory
    Collaborative Mechatronics Laboratory
    Composite Laboratory
    Computational Biomechanics Laboratory
    Engine Dyno Laboratory
    Finite Element Modeling (FEM) Laboratory
    Manufacturing/Integration Laboratory
    Manufacturing/Machining Laboratory
    Materials Science Laboratory
    Mechanical Engineering (ME) Laboratory 
    Mechanical Engineering Testing Laboratory
    Multiscale Computational Laboratory
    Nano/bio Engineering - Research Laboratory
    Nano/bio Engineering - Teaching Laboratory
    NEMS Laboratory 
      Robotics Laboratory 
    Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Laboratory

Don’t worry if you don’t know half of what those labs are…the important thing is that if you know what you want to study you will have excellent support and the resources to refine your talents.

If you think you are ready to apply for any of these programs I want to give you some good news…University of Denver has something called the Ammi Hyde interview…

What that means is that they actually let you submit a request on the “DU” website and schedule an Ammi Hyde interview.

You will meet a mix of alumni, faculty and staff for a personal interview.

Sounds good right?

You bet it does!

It gives you a chance to sell yourself instead of the impersonal applications and TOEFL scores…or GPA…any time you have a chance to spend 20 minutes talking to people consider it a chance to make an impression that can put you over the edge!

In summary…engineers all have different reasons why they want to study their specific discipline…make sure you do your research and find the right school!

There are plenty of great schools…but University of Denver Engineering is worth a look.

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