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The program that was founded in 1892 and is consistently ranked in the Top 100 law schools is a great place to prepare for a career in law.

The University of Denver Law School was renamed the Sturm College of Law in 2004 after Donald Sturm donated 20 million dollars!

Donald Sturm was a graduate of “DU” Law School and the owner of the American National Bank.

University of Denver law institute is unique for a variety of reasons and what sets it apart from other institutions is the “externship”

Students have an advantage by getting practical field experience with Denver companies as well as some government offices. The school boasts some impressive alumni who graduated and went on to become congressmen, senators and even Secretary of the Interior.

Having such a strong network as well as many campus resources prove to be a great help to the future attorneys.

The education itself is the key of course…and students thrive in an environment that challenges them and their instructors know what they are doing because they bring real world experience into the classroom. I think they have something like 70 professors that teach law classes at Sturm College of Law.

Many of their professors are present and former practicing attorneys in the Denver area with specialties that include:

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    International Law,
    Environmental and Natural Resources Law,
    Workplace Law,
    Constitutional Rights and Remedies, and
    Corporate and Commercial Law

One of the strengths at the University of Denver is their emphasis on global issues and the Sturm College of Law is no exception with professors from around the world bringing their viewpoint on many of the issues that confront attorneys practicing law in an increasingly global arena. Many students take advantage of the dual program Du offers where students can claim a double major in International Business as well as International law.

Spanish is an important language to master if one is living in America since it is the second most used language in America…and it is used widely throughout the world.

Sturm College of Law offers a Lawyering in Spanish program that takes things to a whole new level. Immersion in law is one thing…but taking classes in law all in Spanish?

It will prepare future lawyers that decide to add a language to their skill set to compete in a competitive global marketplace.

University of Denver Law School is one of 2 law schools in the Denver area, the other is University of Colorado and both offer great programs but what DU offers that is different is a state of the art “green building” which makes sense if they offer a major in law that emphasizes the environment. Can you believe Denver set the standard by having the first law building that is “green”?

In 2004 the Gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification was awarded to the University of Denver’s Frank H. Ricketson Jr. Law Building.

Denver University Law School might just be the best way to prepare for a future in law!

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