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Nowadays schools get a bad rap about their online programs because so many for profit colleges and universities churn out diplomas to anyone that’s a paying customer. Diploma mills are here to stay and some employers won’t even look at graduates from those places because academic rigor is not a part of the business model.

But what about those people that want to get their degree but don’t have time to sit in a classroom for a few years…are they out of luck?

Not in Denver they’re not…

 University of Denver Online

University of Denver or “DU” has quite a few programs where you can get your degree as you are continuing your career or raising a family. The rigid academic requirements are well known to area employers and the respect for the university Is equal to any academic institution in the state.

You could say it is the best of both worlds…and you would be right.

University of Denver online programs are some of the finest in the nation and the reputation is earned as a result of many years of refined methods unsurpassed in online learning.

Cutting edge technology, combined with outstanding faculty make for a tremendous academic experienced. This combined with the global reputation of academic pionerrs make for a marriage made in heaven for those that struggled with balancing their home life with the demands of higher education…but now you can make your own schedule every time you log in.

University of Denver Online is easier than you think.

Making time for training can often be one of the biggest challenges in transitioning from learning via instructor-led training courses to learning via technology-based training (TBT) courses. Online learning requires a personal commitment and the ability to study and learn on your own. Here is what we have to offer in technology-based training.

The University of Denver's college of professional and continuing studies, University College, provides fully accredited educational experiences specifically designed for busy adults. Our faculty and staff understand the challenges of balancing family, work, and school for our students. We respect our students' commitment of time, resources, and energy, and are dedicated to providing programs that focus on the highest quality, most career−relevant, and applied content, effective instruction and formats, and efficient online and evening delivery.

Master’s Degrees include:

    Arts and Culture
    Environmental Policy and Management
    Geographic Information Systems
    Global Affairs
    Healthcare Leadership
    Information and Communications Technology
    Leadership and Organizations
    Organizational and Professional Communication
    Security Management
    Strategic Human Resource Management

The Bachelor of Arts Completion Program features five majors, each one offering online classes for your convenience.

    Communication Arts
    Global Studies
    Leadership and Organization Studies
    Public Policy and Social Services
    Science and Technology
Primarily known for an alternative for working adults, online programs have skyrocketed in popularity as a result of advances in technology and increased access to instructors.

So the days of bemoaning your missed opportunity to get your degree are over…no more excuses!

You have the right school, the right programs and the right technology so what are you waiting for?

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