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The University of Denver Psychology program is not just an excellent place to get your degree but it is also a very important part of the Denver community.

The Clinic for Child and Family Psychology at the University of Denver provides numerous consultations, assessments and services on a sliding scale and is able to do as part of its research. High quality services at a reasonable rate under direct supervision has made diverse communities get valuable care they might not afford otherwise.

Some of the other clinics are:


 University of Denver Psychology Program  Evaluation, treatment and referral are all done by trained and supervised therapists that serve as a bridge between patient and solution.

The University of Denver Psychology department has 22 full time faculty as well as quite a few part time and adjunct instructors. Doctoral programs in the following:

    Child Clinical,
    Cognitive, and

.And all can enter the Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience program.

The University of Denver Psychology program has a great reputation because it encourages a multi-disciplined approach combining specializations.

Some of the advantages are:

Graduate Student/Faculty Ratio of 3:1

Research collaborations with nearby universities and medical school

2 in-house training clinics

Funds for graduate students' research and travel to conferences Those are all important things for students to consider when deciding on a program but as we all know the relationship with our teachers and mentors will shape our destiny.

Denver University Psychology views the student instructor relationship this way:

An emphasis on individualized mentoring relationships between students and faculty.

Research training with an emphasis on publishing and obtaining mentoring for external funding in an interdisciplinary, collaborative atmosphere.

The department offers a graduate seminar on teaching for formal training in teaching. Students are also encouraged to take full responsibility for teaching an undergraduate course during their graduate career.

The Psychology Department views students as junior colleagues and seeks their input by having them serve on most departmental committees.. Funds, space, and equipment are available for student initiated projects. Travel funds and informal practice sessions assist students preparing to present papers at local and national conferences

When I was in college I took some classes in psychology and I just didn’t understand what all the fuss was about…the classes were very dry and scientific…no discussion at all about behavior…just science and a lot of talk about the brain and chemistry…so on two occasions I dropped the psychology class I was in…just didn’t see the point in being so fascinated in human behavior only to have no way to learn about it….Then my advisor told me about the requirements for my major required 2 psychology classes…and how it didn’t matter if I didn’t like the classes.

So, I swallowed my pride and signed up for an Intro to Psychology class and as it turned out my teacher was from “DU” and he made the material fresh and exciting and gave it new life for me.

I ended up taking more of his classes and eventually graduated LOL.

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