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Sometimes the wisest thing to do when relocating is to wait to buy a house and experiment with different neighborhoods to see if you like the situation.

Apartments in Denver are an easy and more affordable alternative which allows you and your family the chance to see if you are ready to put down roots. The condominium markets are also a viable choice if you don’t mind dealing with a private party owner and an association to oversee the property management. I have had numerous places over the years and know many of the neighborhoods but I always use a little checklist when narrowing my search.

 where to live in Denver, assisted living in denver, living in denver pros and cons Where to live in Denver
Is it near my job?

How far away is the grocery store?

Is there a good balance between convenience and safety?

That is obviously just the starting point because we all know there is a lot more to it.

When I looked for an apartment in Denver the last time I was overwhelmed with options!

It was not really a bad problem to have…but here is what I remember in a nutshell where to live in Denver:

East Denver to Aurora had huge complexes with what seemed like beautiful grounds but maybe a couple of hundred tenants. If you wanted an exercise room and a pond with all the geese you can handle then that is where you would be happy.

Northeast Denver had more of a neighborhood feel, not just complexes out on their own but buildings that were near businesses you could walk to easily and the buildings were maybe 12-20 units per building.

South Denver had some large complexes but rentals in general were far fewer than other areas.

 where to live in Denver, assisted living in denver, living in denver pros and cons Southwest are mostly homes but if you look carefully you will see many smaller complexes with private owners. I preferred a more personal touch and liked knowing who the owner was instead of feeling like I was living in a commercial office building. I like neighborhoods and neighbors….

Central Denver had the most to choose from and it is kind of geared to young singles.

West Denver is where I found apartments in Denver I loved! Somewhat international, plenty of privately owned businesses and the strong possibility you were surrounded by people that have lived there multiple generations.

What is important to me is to be comfortable and to feel part of a community first and foremost, I don’t require a tennis court and swimming pool nor do I want to deal with written requests and work orders to resolve a maintenance problem.

I like calling the manager or stopping by when there is something to discuss…I don’t really like dealing with a bureaucracy to stop a leaking faucet.

Apartments in Denver are a range of “cookie cutter” places with very little variation from one to the next or you can find fantastic mansions that were turned into multiple units…the rule of thumb when looking for an apartment here is to start with the location that is the most practical for you and get out your pen and paper and write down the key intersections that interest you and if possible look for “for rent” signs.

After you compile the streets that have the stores or services you are interested in you can create a small file of quality of life factors…expand your radius and if you still can’t find something you are passionate about then it is time to search another neighborhood.

Remember..where you live shapes your mindset when the day begins and it is where you will spend a lot of your time..if you are happy there you can be happy with the other parts of your life a lot easier!

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