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Anyone that has been in Denver for awhile has come into contact with the name American Furniture Warehouse in Denver…whether you see a truck or hear someone mention the name or...the commercials.

Founded in 1975 by Jake Jabs it salvaged the former American Furniture Company and turned it into a 12 location enterprise that sells millions of dollars of furniture every year.

As recently as the year 2008 they exceeded $330 million dollars in sales!

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The commercials…how can anyone take their eyes off of the lovable baby tigers that play on his lap as Jake is touting yet another sale price on furniture.

Denver recently welcomed IKEA to the southern edge of Centennial outside of the Denver Metro area, the enormously popular furniture retailer from Sweden, and the competitive Jake Jabs showed no fear whatsoever. American Furniture Warehouse Denver is such an institution that I kind of believe him…the Front Range has shopped there for years and even during economic downturn his stores still saw tons of customers due to his simple approach to doing business in Colorado.

Be smart with your price and locations..and be friendly with your return policy and customer service.

Sounds simple..but many competitors to American Furniture Warehouse Denver have found out the hard way that overspending on advertising or opening up too many branch locations are a recipe for disaster!

The store that I normally go to is the one in Thornton off the highway..even if you are not looking for it you can’t miss it from the highway and once you exit it is pretty easy to get there.

The facility is quite large and you can get some pretty good deals if you take your time visiting all the various displays…whether you need a rug or a bedroom set…you will find most of what you need to furnish a house all in one place.

The lighting section was the big surprise for me..I didn’t need any furniture and I was with a friend who just need some stuff for their dorm room and while I was there I found exactly what I accident. The furniture for the dorm room was pretty basic...lots of emphasis on storage and shelving but what I got was a few floor lamps and some side tables and I saved enough money to get several things.

 american furniture warehouse denver,american furniture denver, denver American Furniture WarehouseI think some people really enjoy the shopping experience in a big store..but I don’t..they like to think of it as a museum where you look and touch and admire the things..and slowly work your way through the zillions of square feet while you take notes…and then take yet another trip through the store when you’re see if you still like it…

American Furniture Warehouse in Denver is great for those folks..take your time and see all that you can…But what about people like me?

I am an impulse buyer..and sometimes I go to a store looking at just a couple of things on my list to fill a gap in my household…well AFW (American Furniture Warehouse) is well suited for that too..park the car..go to the section of the store that has what you need..take a quick scan and grab it and go.

Whatever method you use you will like their store.

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