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Good Brewery Tours Denver to Visit

Some of the things I have noticed about people in Denver is they just love to drink beer!

So here are some Brewery Tours Denver for them and I know you will like it.

Let’s take a tour of breweries…be careful and pace yourself because there are too many to do all in one day!

How many cities can say that?

I want to go to Fort Collins first a little more than an hour away where you will find the Anheuser- Busch Brewery giving tours pretty much every day between 10 am and 4 pm.

Anheuser-Busch is better known as the makers of Budweiser and though many breweries have come and gone over the years Budweiser is still considered the “King of Beers” by many. The tour is meant for those 21 years and older and yes…you will see the world famous Clydesdale Horses too.

When you go back to Denver you can see a few more tours of is a partial list:

Wynkoop Brewery at 1634 18th Street in the LoDo section of downtown Denver.

This is a Denver tour that is really popular due to the fact that it is a brewpub with pretty good food and a nice place to hang out…and the John Hickenlooper connection. You can read more about him and his substantial impact on Denver due to his political career. I think they only give tours on Saturday though.

 Brewery Tours Denver,brewery in denver,denver brewery tours,breweries in denver Great Divide at 2201 Arapahoe is not too far away.

Breckenridge Brewery is near Auraria Campus at 471 Kalamath Street in the Baker Neighborhood.

If you wanted to be a little more in depth regarding the breweries in Denver tours you could contact the Denver Microbrew Tour who can provide a lot of insight into the scene. They are an independent company that is not part of any particular brewery.

Denver tours would not be complete without the largest brewery tour in the world the Coors Brewery Tour!

Actually the official name is Miller Coors now and has been for awhile but most of the people I know call it what we always called it..”Coors”

The whole tour lasts a little over half an hour but it is extremely popular and it is first come, first served so be aggressive and get down there. Some people make the mistake of wondering over when they feel like it and find that there isn’t room for them so play it safe and allow for plenty of time especially if you don’t know the town of Golden very well.

 Brewery Tours Denver,brewery in denver,denver brewery tours,breweries in denver You can take the 6th Avenue Freeway west and get there in about half an hour from most places in Denver…but that is if traffic is light so use your judgment. Once you get there you want to locate 12th and Ford which should be easy enough to do. If not, you can stop and ask for directions.

Be forewarned though…Coors did not become a huge company by having relaxed standards when verifying ages so bring your identification and have fun!

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