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In Denver it is possible to get almost anywhere by bus and in Denver the name of the system is the Regional Transportation District or RTD.

The fare for a local ride is normally $2.25 for the average rider but various discounts are available for those that qualify (student, handicapped or elderly). Nowadays there are many changes afoot after reviewing ridership some routes will be terminated because there aren’t enough riders to justify the route…and of course..fares increasing.

 Bus in denver, denver bus, bus to denver, party bus denver But..Bus in Denver is very reliable and normally fairly safe if you use common sense and mind your own business. Denver bus riders know that sometimes people don’t want to bother someone who doesn’t share their seat…after politely asking if you can sit there..if you are met with resistance..just keep moving…do you really want to sit next to someone who is angry you are sitting there?

Do you really want to sit and stew on the ride there?

No, of course not…

Another thing to be mindful of is when someone insists on sitting toward the aisle…and won’t move over!

Don’t be angry…think about it..are they just moving aside so you can sit near the window?

There are many reasons for this..

Maybe it is easier for them to see toward the front of the bus to locate a street sign or address!

Maybe they feel like “first come, first served” and it is their right to sit where they want since they got there first.

Either can’t possibly know what they are thinking so just focus on getting where you are going and don’t worry about them.

Bus in Denver is a pretty convenient way to get around..and there are many buses in every part of town that can get you where you want to go.In the event you need to switch buses and go in a different direction than the one you originally started out with..get a transfer…try not to wait too long before using it since they do expire.

 Bus in denver, denver bus, bus to denver, party bus denver In Denver you will find that the major streets have express lines which typically are much larger buses that run during peak times…but the nature of an express is they only service stops near major streets. And that means if you are waiting for a bus that is not clearly marked with the “L” or Limited designation..15L or OL are two examples…then they will not stop! Save yourself the frustration and do your homework before starting your trip.

 Bus in denver, denver bus, bus to denver, party bus denver You can call them and between 6am and 6pm Monday through Friday (limited hours on Saturday) and give them your arrival/departure information and they will help you. Another way of doing it is going to their website where you can use the dropdown menu and select points of interest..colleges, major retail centers,etc…enter an intersection or address if you want and you will see a schedule of buses or trains to plan your trip.
Failing can use the MY Stop feature (calling RTD Denver first) which consists of dialing a five digit number posted on the sign at the bus stop and it will tell you the next 3 scheduled arrivals at that stop.

RTD Denver is safe and easy!

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