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In Denver you are constantly reminded that you are part of a global community and when it comes to business, it really pays to understand the importance of the global marketplace.

University of Denver offers a fantastic way to study business… with an emphasis on globalization.

The Daniels College of Business was founded in 1908 and has consistently been ranked amongst the top business schools in the nation.

To give you an idea of the how long ago 1908 was….Henry Ford produced his firt Model T automobile.

With a history that goes back that far…I think I would assume that the Daniel College of Business has seen business trends come and go!

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Business students have a chance to study a great number of topics and learn from an impressive faculty.

The Undergraduate Degree is a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with the following majors:

    International Business


    Real Estate

    Real Estate and Construction Management

    Hospitality Management

    Construction Management



    General Business

    Information Technology and Electronic Commerce


That seems like a lot to choose from!

As I mentioned, there is a tremendous emphasis on globalization and you will meet instructors from all over the world and they will bring their insight and perspective into the classroom.Daniels College of Business at University of Denver has a great undergraduate program…we just went over that…but it is even more popular for offering flexible options for getting a Master’s Degree.

Look at all the different ways you can get your Masters in Business Administration degree:

    Full-time MBA
    Professional MBA (Part-time)
    Executive MBA (No GMAT)
    International MBA (Full- or Part-time)
    One-year MBA
    The Master’s Degree programs:
    Master of Accountancy
    Master of Science in Business Intelligence
    Master of Science in Finance
    Master of Science in Real Estate and Construction Management
    Master of Science in Management
    Master of Science in Marketing
    Executive Master of Science in Real Estate and Construction Management

So let’s review….if you are working during the day but would like to make progress on your degree you can take your classes with a schedule that works for you.

Other students may just want to throw themselves into a full time schedule and graduate quicker.

21 months to get your MBA for full time students and you can start in March or September.

The Professional Part Time option is Monday and Wednesday from 6-10 pm for 24 months.

The Executive MBA is another option... alternating Fridays and Saturdays for 18 months.

And…for the fearless…the 1 year MBA!

I hope you now realize how you have many options if you want to get your MBA from the Daniels College of Business.

The University of Denver has over 1200 undergraduate students in the Daniels College of Business and over 1000 for their graduate school.

Why not schedule a visit, take a practice GMAT exam and see what you think?

University of Denver has a diverse student body and you can even study overseas for most of their programs.

Whether you study in Denver or abroad you will find a quality education and a memorable experience!

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