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Have you ever seen the show “Dog the Bounty Hunter?”

Duane Chapman (Dog) is a Bounty Hunter and used to be a Denver Bail Bondsman.

What is a bail bond ?

If you don’t know what a bond is I will try to explain it this way.

Let’s say I break into my brother’s house and steal his refrigerator….he calls the police…they investigate and arrest me. Before I go to a trial to see if I’m guilty they set bail.

In this case, if I am able to “make bail” I can get out of jail before my trial… is the rest of the example:

Bail is set at $10,000….

So…I go to a Denver county Bail Bond company and they put up the money for bail… I can get a bail bond for $1000 or 10% (sometimes 15%)…which I pay to the bail bond and they put up the rest of the money.

 Denver Bail Bonds They want a guarantee that they will get their money back…which is why they use a bounty hunter to get the prisoner back to jail if they money isn’t paid back.

Denver county Bail Bonds are normally located near the courthouse…which makes sense since it is focused on creating a quick solution based on what happened at the courthouse. The courthouses are:

    DENVER, CO 80204
    (2 BLOCKS WEST of the City and County Building)

    Denver County Court

    1437 Bannock Street, Room
    Denver, CO 80202

The people that are not a “flight risk” are normally able to get a bond without too much difficulty because they are going to remain in the area. The Denver Bail Bond will want to know where their “investment” is in the event they have to capture them.

Bounty Hunters will aggressively hunt their man through a series of methods that may require force… the accused criminal is presumed innocent until proven guilty...but getting him into the courtroom and running the risk of a guilty verdict is bound to be a stressful experience.

There are hundreds of Denver Bail Bond companies that understand the business very well and what they all have in common is they will put up a surety bond to get you out of jail. What makes some of them different is whether they are able to catch the person when they are out on bail…when it is time to go to court. Another factor is whether they take into account the criminal history and decide someone is too risky to invest in.

The best way to find out where to find a Denver Bail Bond company (sometimes called Bail Bondsman) is to drive around west of Broadway on Acoma, Bannock, Cherokee and Delaware Streets somewhere between 10th Avenue and 13th Avenue.

Most of all you must remember that bail is something that is set depending on many factors…your criminal history, your ties to the community, the severity of the crime…it is a privilege not a right…Having the right to a fair trial is your right…but that is no guarantee that you will be given the opportunity to post bail.

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